Friday, February 15, 2008

If McCain Supposedly Has It Locked Up, Why Not Vote For Huckabee? - Wisconsin Tuesday, Sen. McCain's Lead In Texas Small

Supporters got an email message from Governor Huckabee with basically the same information as the web notice, below, and an appeal for contributions: .

Irrespective of how Wisconsin goes on Tuesday, there’s a sure shot at winning Texas, if we get out everyone we know to vote on March 4. That would give the campaign a big push. If the delegate race goes to convention, a late string of wins will be difficult to overlook. I think conservatives should bombard McCain’s campaign and The Republican National Committee, demanding The Right To Life and The Fair Tax be given the consideration that has been earned. I’ll tell them that after this year’s campaign, the party cannot shrug off these constituencies and expect the fervency and work from them that is essential to Republican victory and first pulled them almost 50 years of minority status in 1980. I believe that reviving the sanctity of human life to the public conscience is essential to the long-term maintenance of a civil society. And, The Fait Tax is the most potentially liberating and empowering proposal of my lifetime.

If Huckabee does not gain the top of the ticket, wisdom would make him the running-mate, ensuring the enthusiasm of these constituencies for election cycles to come. I know that the distortions of Romney and Thompson and the reactions of some conservatives who were unnerved by Huckabee’s expressions of empathy for all humans, have left a sentiment among some that he is “not a conservative.” Just yesterday, I heard a radio host bemoaning Huckabee’s “Christian socialism” that supposedly sees government as the vehicle of Christian responsibility, which this person doesn’t see. The problem is that Huckabee has never said any such thing. He has a clearer than ordinary understanding of human nature and how government can corrupt it. And he also has a clear understanding of a conservative essential that many conservatives seem to have forgotten: the distinction between the responsibilities and capacities of state and federal government in The United States.

Mike Huckabee is also smart enough to engage this directly when given the opportunity. The great irony is that is Huckabee does not win the nomination, it will have been with the help of supposed conservatives that he will have not succeeded electorally for the first time in almost 16 years. He beat Democrats repeatedly. It took conservatives to slow him down, though he hasn’t stopped, yet.

February 15, 2008 - 12:59 PM
Sen. McCain's Lead In Texas Small
by Team Huckabee
Two new polls in Texas from ARG and POS show a 6 and 4 point lead for Senator McCain in Texas.
As Gov. Huckabee said in his email yesterday, Texas is the place to fight for the nomination. These leads are small considering the attention the media has been heaping on Senator McCain as the "frontrunner."

Here are a couple of red states we might mention, where Senator McCain had a similar lead:
Georgia won by Gov. Huckabee
Tennessee won by Gov. Huckabee
Alabama won by Gov. Huckabee
Louisiana won by Gov. Huckabee
Kansas won by Gov. Huckabee


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Danny Vice said...

Because it depletes valuable resources we will desperately need to compete in the general election.

Rabid liberals are out-pacing us at the polls two to one.... and Obama has millions upon millions of dollars stored up to railroad any conservative message on the air waves.

This election is going to be a landslide, if conservatives don't wake up and stop playing footsie with this issue.

We have an enormous amount of work to do, to even get to a point of being competitive.

While our grass roots are end-fighting, throwing friggen hissie fits over McCain not being conservative enough, liberals are entrenching, storing up millions, and solidifying it's extreme liberal base.

Conservatives are their own worst enemy - and I for one would really love it if they'd stop shooting themselves in the foot.

It's like Ross Perot all over again, only this time we are not losing the White House to moderate liberals. Obama is an extreme liberal - who has vowed to pull the rug out from under our troops.

Liberals have vowed to undo every conservative accomplishment it can - and they will have the political clout to get it done - since conservatives want to have a pity party over McCain.

If Conservatives must be dragged to the polls with nose plugs, while liberals are turning out in droves, what do you suppose the outcome will be?

Some want to punish McCain, but instead only punish us all with 4 to 8 years of extreme liberalism in control of the senate, house and now the White House.

If liberals overtake our entire government, Conservatives will be in no position to complain. It's lack of enthusiasm and threats of staying home on election day, pretty much will secure our fate. A future of extreme liberalism that goes almost unchecked.

The damage that will ensue over the next 4 to 8 years won't be the liberals fault. It will be our fault by throwing temper tantrums instead of doing everything possible to oppose an Obama election. I see no conservative principal in THAT!

Danny Vice

Stephen R. Maloney said...

I think some of Larry's visitors point out the obvious reasons why Mike Huckabee needs to stop the Don Quixote effort that only benefits Obama and Clinton.

I wrote the following to a McCain operative today regarding blogs and other "onliners": You are basically doing "God's work" for McCain because the paid staff obviously isn't as comfortable (yet) with online activities as Obama or Clinton. Huckabee has had a very effective (and very big) blog/online effort -- with perhaps 400 listed Huck blogs. It helped him a lot in Iowa and to a degree in South Carolina and Georgia.

A good number of those Huck supporters will come over to McCain, especially after Huck endorses John, which I believe might happen this coming Wednesday. I think we need to ask all those people to join McCain's online efforts.

Some will refuse, but I think most will come aboard. I wouldn't ask them until Huck does endorse.

Let me add: All onliners who have strongly advocated Mike Huckabee should seriously consider joining the various blog/online efforts for McCain. If they would like to know how to do so, they can write me at:

There are now state blogs ready to go in every state: pennsylvania for John McCain, New Mexico for John McCain, Oklahoma for John McCain, and every other state for John McCain.

steve maloney Come visit!

Stephen R. Maloney said...

I didn't get the original material dealing with the RNC. I'm not a big fan of the RNC, because it's mainly an arm of the establishment. The RNC needs to build the party, not confine itself just to re-electing people who sometimes don't deserve re-election.

On Mike, I find his activities to be curious -- and curiouser. Yes, he appeals to half the evangelical wing of the Republican Party. No, he's not competitive in any of the largest states, such as California, Florida, New York, and -- to your sadness -- Texas. Perhaps he's a modern version of Harold Stassen, who ran (very unsuccessfully) for President 6-7 times.

I've argued (very unsuccessfully) with Larry that politics is not an activity undertaken in an (imaginary) theocratic state. I've also said that in a highly socialized activity like politics that a half-a-loaf is (metaphorically) equivalent to an eight-course meal. If a candidate has no chance to win (or even come close to doing so), then he's engaged not in a crusade but in an ego-trip.

End the campaign, Mike, and then endorse McCain. I predicted that would happen on March 5. I hope it happens a lot sooner than that.

steve maloney
ambridge, pa

Anonymous said...

For an evangelical Christian voter, such as myself, a candidate who gives lip service to promises on social issues he has no intention of supporting once he gets into office is worse than considering them non-issues, or ignoring them, or thinking they are the settled law of the land.

For almost eight years now, Bush has completely ignored virtually the entire social agenda of the evangelical right wing of the Republican party. And to say that Huckabee has the support of only half the evangelical wing of the party is seriously inaccurate, he has at least 80% of their support, perhaps more. He will get my vote in Texas as soon as I can get to the polls and vote early.

McCain's position is too similar to the Bush administration for me to support him. For someone in the lower middle class, forking out over $8,000 a year in health insurance premiums, paying more of my spendable income in taxes than virtually everyone who earns more than I do, watching gas prices get to the point where I have worry about my commute to work, paying as much as $65 a month for each of the six prescription medications I must take each day, and watching the growth of my retirement savings slow down to the point where I am almost 20 years behind where I anticipated being because of low interest rates that benefit banks and lenders and the corporate wealthy, I cannot affort to vote for McCain. I'll either do my "lesser of two evils" habit, and vote for the Constitution Party candidate again, or I'll vote for whomever the Democrats nominate. Maybe one day the Republican Party, if it survives, will learn to quit allowing the corporations and banks to rob the middle class.

SouthernNJmom said...

If you agree, and want to STAND STRONG against this GOP mistake, please copy and send this to everyone you know including anyone who is involved in the GOP.

For those who say "no" we should bond behind McCain... GO and add all Huckabee voters, and others to McCains and what do you see... McCain will NEVER win. The Democrats are BLOWING all Republican voters away, by having MASSIVE turn out.

McCain can not attract people the way O'bama can, people are not standing in freezing weather hoping to meet McCain or vote for him. There isn't craziness of crowds with a Love Affair attitude, dropping everything in life, wanting to vote for McCain and support him. There is only the "POSTURING" of the elite. This further upsets the Poor, Middle Class, and Evangelists who can't stand this type of Self Serving Power-Hungry Boastering.

O'bama and Hillary are getting their fair share of craziness and crowds. People are in MOBS trying to get in and possibly see them. There is a real LOVE AFFAIR going on.

If we Stand behind this man "McCain" weakly it will not help him. If we lie to ourselves and get all excited behind him, then we are just as bad as those we are watching now.
A true trial, as God will have seen us. Is it a sin to support someone fakely, who does not STAND STRONG behind God? Someone who will not stand by GODS laws firmly? I think yes.. I do not believe God would be happy.

Crowds are trying to see Mike Huckabee. Everyone who meets him loves him. He doesn't hang out with just the elite. He is more of a uniter then a elitist. He gives GOD the glory. So as we STAND STRONG for this man, we are in fact STANDING STRONG for GOD. So by this I prayed long and hard and then I wrote this letter.

Attention True Republicans, February 20, 2007 From: Mrs. Kimberly Ballman

Our Republican Party thinks it is broken, as they have let the Media, Press and Liberal People pull them to the center and continue to play with their heads. Because of this, they have “fallen” from the grace of God and the People. They make us want to hold our nose. They are now making us turn away in disgust. Being a Republican is now a disgrace, just looking at the numbers voting for the entire Republican Party shows that the American Republicans are not being represented, and so life long Republicans ,are leaving the Party. All members of my family as well as myself.

After talking with many people whom used to be in the Republican Party, I decided to write and say, “Wake Up GOP“. Look at the numbers leaving our Party! It’s not BUSH, STUPID! It’s the GOP! We are NOT, nor have we ever been the Independent Party pushers. This is supposed to be the “Conservative Party”. Our Party was excited to be conservative. It was the party for families, freedom from Government control, smaller Government, less taxes, God was represented in the family and observed as the overseer of our Government. As we say “God Bless America”, and in “God we trust”.

The Liberal Democratic side has always catered to those extreme ideas of Unions and went against the grain of the Traditional American Families. Gay Marriage, Abortion, Stem -Cell Research, Welfare, Big Government, High Taxes, and a Country plan that kills productivity!

It is very noticeable how some of our policies, plans for America, and excitement have moved to the Democratic side, mostly to O’bama’s Party, but some have went to Hillary. Some Independents are voting Republican now, but will change to the Green Party, etc. when they see who will be running in November. They are INDEPENDENTS!

This is happening because there is NO TRUE REPUBLICAN PARTY! The people have said again and again we will NOT be forced to vote for someone we do not like. We will not move to the left. We will stand together until we die. We are serious! It is against a TRUE REPUBLICAN TO MOVE HIS VIEWS TO THE LEFT!
We are supposed to be fixing our Country not giving in to Liberal craziness! If The GOP is not STRONG, enough to stand up and say NO then the GOP do NOT EXIST! They are done. There is no need to have a convention and waste all the money on an election that we all know is overwhelmingly out numbered. The democrats will win by a landslide, looking at the numbers and people leaving the Republican Party.

Who can save us? The man the farthest to the right! Any TRUE REPUBLICAN will move to the right but not to the left. People are not ALL voting to the Right, right now, because there is a bad distraction going on with a candidate who has puffed up his chest and said he is the choice of the GOP. The Media picked him out a long time ago, and has been pushing him to be the choice. Why? Why would the liberal Media want us to pick a left side Republican? Seems obvious to me, they knew this would happen. Our Party would fall apart at the seams. The GOP and supporters who have backed this man fell for this little trick. They had better WAKE-UP and get it back together.

The GOP should support Mike Huckabee as he is inspiring, energetic, charismatic, wise, cares for the people in a genuine way, has intriguingly fresh ideas, supports the war, is not a power-hungry individual, supports “God” in our country, sticks to his views, doesn’t change with the wind, and stays constantly to the right!
With every True Republican behind this man, the excitement will out shine the Democratic Party and we will WIN in 2008! With McCain GOP will Loose everything!

Larry Perrault said...

I scanned these comments, but I have to get up early for a meeting with Mike Huckabee in the morning in Houston. I will just say, that I am on the ground, here and see what is happening, and I'm involved with what is and will be happening in Texas

Stephen Maloney is not and is lecturing from an alternate orafice. Simply put, irrespective of what one might assume from listening to George H.W. Bush and Governor Rick Perry, Texas is not Wisconsin.

Huckabee won 39% in Wisconsin. He will win substantially more in Texas. Just watch. And I'll be waiting with baited breath to hear Maloney's spin if I am correct. I also know some things about Texas Republican politics. The ONLY thing that John McCain has going for him here is hoping that the turnout is large enough to contain a majority of marginally attentive Republicans whose main source of information is the ignorami who are saying that it's a dead issue on pop-culture cereal-box outlets. Because except for with office-holders the establishment Republicans and their followers, McCain haqs little support among attentive Republicans. Also, Barack Obama might pull away some moderately-minded people.

Perhaps the Maloneys of the world and his information sources in media, will spend March 5th explaining why Huckabee's surprising showing in Texas, STILL doesn't mean anything.

McCain won't get 50%, and Paul may get ten or more. That leaves AT LEAST 40% as a dloor for Huckabee. If the Republican turnout is modest, Huckabee looks like a more than serious threat.

Larry Perrault said...


Thanks for coming by. We in TX vote on March 4, and Huckabee can take the 2nd largest state in the country and largest GOP state. McCain's momentum is a weak tide. That victory would stop and reverse it. What does the party do if a challenger to the annointed frontrunner comes into the convention having dominated the 2nd half of the primary season? They'll have some thinking and some working to do.

Larry Perrault

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