Friday, August 31, 2007

From The Economic Conservative's Mouth

Many of us have already written and speculated about what’s up with conservative groups criticizing Mike Huckabee’s credentials on fiscal conservatism, especially The Club For Growth, which started with a critical review shortly after Huckabee announced an exploratory committee early this year, and aired a critical television ad in Iowa just before the Straw Poll in Ames. If it had any effect, how well do you think Huckabee would have done without it? I doubt it had much effect, because Huckabee’s voters weren’t motivated by ads (Huckabee didn’t run any), but by their personal experience with the man, which would have told them that this was not relevant and probably nonsense. And as I said, governors are responsible for the administration of a state and accountable to the citizens. Legislators aren’t. Huckabee was elected as a Republican once as Lieutenant Governor and twice as a Governor, in a state where elected officers were nearly 80% Democrats!

Not that it was an eye-opener for those of us who knew better, but I was on the blogger conference call this morning, and this issue was raised, giving Mike Huckabee the chance to clearly and directly explain: when he speaks out about financial managers who pocket hundreds of millions of dollars while depriving faithful employees of paychecks and pensions, he isn’t knocking the profit of capitalism or well-paid company officers. And he isn’t proposing government intrusion into the management of private affairs. He’s just saying that both morally and practically, Republicans shouldn't be derelict about calling out practices that cross the line from wealth-creation to outright greed that slights or crushes the faithful work of those workers who helped them build that engine of wealth creation.

And on both moral and political considerations, HE’S ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! I have suggested that maybe a group like The Club For Growth is just ignorant of the misplacement of their criticism. The fact that they behave that way, says at least that they are ignorant of the individual that they are talking about. But, if The Club For Growth is incapable of sorting out what’s healthy for the maintenance of both capitalism and The Republican Party, they are certainly in the wrong business.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blog Report On Current Status In Iowa - Huckabee Clearly A Man On The Rise

Below is a clip from Pajamas Media's report on the current status in Iowa at Iowa Report: After Ames

"As of this writing, and according to the Real Clear Politics average of polls, Mitt Romney is leading here in Iowa with 27.2%, followed by Giuliani with 14.5%, Fred Thompson at 12.3%, McCain at 8.7%, and Huckabee at 5%. While those are interesting numbers, they don’t tell the whole story.

Mike Huckabee is clearly a man on the rise here in Iowa. According to Zogby, he has risen 6% since May of 2007. This “bump” is mainly because of his surprising performance in the Iowa Straw Poll earlier this month. I interviewed Governor Huckabee a week prior to the Straw Poll, and I can tell you that he had the crowd eating out of his hand…including me. He’s funny when he wants to be, he’s smart and articulate, and he certainly is promoting the conservative message, if that’s what you like. He’s very engaging one-on-one, too, as I found out during the interview.

Now, I mention all those traits because, to Iowans, that’s important. We want to be able to get up close and personal to talk with the candidates, engage them in discussion, and pick their brains, so to speak. Huckabee’s campaign provided the perfect chance for people to do just that, and that’s the major reason, I’d have to say, for his second-place finish at the Straw Poll. We don’t get that close-up to the likes of Rudy or Mitt, I can tell you that.

Now, there were certainly other reasons why Huckabee did well in the Straw Poll. There are some that say he only did well because he had help from the Fair Tax people. That’s certainly possible, but I’d have to say that if anything, he simply leveled the playing field. I needn’t remind anyone that Huckabee didn’t have the money to hire buses and pay for a boat-load of Straw Poll tickets, as other candidates did. You can downplay his finish all you want, but I think it demonstrates a man who is building momentum. Will he win the Caucuses? It’s hard to say, but I’d have to say no. Still, a lot can happen between now and January, and Huckabee has shown he can organize, so don’t count him out."

More Web Comment On Conservative Criticism Of Huckabee Saying He Would Sign A Workplace Smoking Ban As President, If Congress Passed One

This is a comment I posted at another blog to its post about the Conservative criticism that I mention below of Mike Huckabee saying he would sign a workplace smoking ban if Congress passed it to him as president:

Also, recall that as governor of Arkansas, Huckabeeimposed a smoking ban in the workplace AND also he advised and imposed in government offices, that paid smoking breaks would not only be provided, but so would paid breaks for running or other workouts.

Rob, I was conservative before conservative was cool And I mean a philosop[hical, not just sentimental conservative. Several years ago, The Republican Party got too liberal for me.

I don't like especially FEDERAL intervention on private operations. But as has been said, the article cited misrepresented the position Huckabee took IN THE VERY VIDEO THAT IT LINKED TO!

We can have an abstract ideal about government involvement in the private sphere, but the real fact on the ground are another matter to deal with: I addressed this very issue at my blog this morning at http://www/ .

Whatever we may think of it in the abstract, the government has PROMISES IN PLACE about health care provisions in addition to the fact that unhealthy habits are probably the largest factor in American health care costs that amount to 17% of the largest GNP in the history of planet earth. If the federal government is going to honor its promises (wisely made or not), and if America is going to address its unprecedented percentage of GNP in this colossal economy, it is only very basic prudence to address costs on the front end of causes as well as the back end of expenditure.

This is not a matter of nannyism. It's a matter of both pragmatism and humanity. Though on a few points, I intellectually approach matters a little differently from Mike Huckabee (though a lot less often than his rival candidates - talk about not conservative), I am most devoted to Huckabee because he has a combination of conservative principle and character. And he can be elected appealing to a wider crowd than the sliver of the population who think like me. I could be a real Narcissus about my philosophical purity, but I couldn't get elected and couldn't actually accomplish a thing for America.

Video of Huckabee On Iowa Radio Talk Show/Trying to Look Ahead/A Hasty Conservative Criticism

Check out Mike Huckabee on the Jan Mickelson Show on WHO Radio in Des Moines, Iowa, for the second time in two weeks.

Huckabee showed well at the Ames, Iowa Straw Poll after working Iowa for a few months. After that showing, political radio hosts in Iowa who always liked him, are now much more confident about him. Huckabee has four months before the Iowa Caucuses to work and build. Think of how continued progress along the same line could play out: Four months out is a long way to predict and surely a lot could happen. But, I think Mitt Romney needs to have something up his sleeve to hold Huckabee back. Huckabee will continue to grow in profile in South Carolina too, and a big showing at the Iowa Caucus, especially a win, will give SC a major boost. I think his profile will grow in New Hampshire, too. But given the demography there, Romney’s next-door Massachusetts profile, and the effort and money that he and Giuliani will invest, it’s not so easy to speculate about a possible win in NH. Heck, even McCain will work NH hard and I think will be on the map, but I do think Huckabee can beat him, there.

Huckabee says he’s playing to win in NH and he has a team of local politicians in place, there. Maybe he has something up his sleeve. Heck, if he won in Iowa, finished 2nd in NH, and won SC and competes in Florida, Feb. 5th’s primary day with over a third of the nation voting, would get pretty hairy. It looks like it could be so close that some other slips or gaffes may likely play a bigger role in the picture months from now, than we can imagine.

And, what about Fred Thompson? Is he in here, in NH? Maybe, though they have portrayed him as a conservative Lancelot to the rescue who would compete with Huckabee for the conservative vote, if the others have already built a following, maybe he would just serve to break the vote into smaller pieces so that the bar is not so high for a victory.

Read this conservative criticism of video of an interview I had seen, but the article offer hadn’t watched closely enough, along with Huckabee’s campaign in general. Following is my comment at the posting:

Why Mike Huckabee Can't Be The Conservative Choice For President ... and

I find it hard to believe that you are not motivated primarily by your support for Fred Thompson, and are so silly as to wite something different from the very video that you yourself, posted in the article.

Huckabee explicitly said that he wouldn't propose targeting consumers, but would consider it a workplace safety ban. I am one of those conservatives that doesn't like government regulating private business. But, if Huckabee is going to address health care as no one has even after decades of talk and increasing health problems in The United States, it isn't only foregivable, its economically necessarty that we address costs from the front end rather than on the expensive back end.

Mike Huckabee is perfectly cognizant of the 10th Amendment and respectful of its intentions, speaking as someone who has watched his campaign constantly for over six months.

As Brian said, we have the costs of existing health care programs/promises to consider, and the enormous burden of ill health on Gross National Product, not to mention the personal toll of peoples' unhealthy lifestyles. If nothing else, I would just be relieved to give Democrats a reason to shut the heck up about national health care. To be fair, I can understand that you haven't been paying closer attention. Please watch more closely.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Race Is Between The Media (Giuliani), And The People (Huckabee)

The reason people are "unsatisfied" with the Republican fiels is that they are unsatisfied with the four who've gotten all the medoa attention . The media doesn't report celebrity. The media CREATES celebrity.

Two of the most experience, sober, and innovative candidates are already gone because the media gave them no celebrity profile: Jim Gilmore and Tommy Thompson.

If the mainstream media were controlled by people who think like WorldNet Daily or Free Republic types, Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo would ber superstars. Conservatives are uncomfortable with Fred McGiuliomney,because of ambiguity in their histories. Yet, they lead "the polls." Do you seriously think that's an ACCIDENT?

That's why Huckabee's propgress is particularly notable: Reagan-like, he has projected himself past the media to the people.

The ONLY factor that restrains him fro being the poll-leader is that the media aren't falling all over themselves about Huckabee as the coming Messiah, a la Colin Powell or Fred Thomson. Thompson hasn't announced a candidacy and Powell never did. The media's container was sprouting leaks 12 years ago that have now grown to draining holes.

Those holes look as though they may be large enough for enough water to pour through to raise Huckabee to the top by the end of the primary season. Working in the other direction is the frontloading and compression of the process. That's why I think Stephen Maloney is correct that it may come down to Giuliani and Huckabee: if enough pours through the cable and Internet leaks, Huckabee wins. If the compression of the system means that time runs out first, and money and media hold together as long as it takes for enough delegates to be chosen, Giuliani wins. In brief, with Huckabee the people will win, while with Giuliani the media will win.

Those leaks are still growing. Unless mass-culture pollutes enough minds (which is why cities vote liberal;), before then, the populus will affedt a big bite on what has been the conventional process, in the next election or two.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Huckabee In SC/Blog Posts Recent Reports After FOX News Sunday Appearance/Mitt Romney Both Ways On Abortion

Here’s an article in The New York Observer about Mike Huckabee in South Carolina and his potential for the arly states: posted Welcome Fox News Sunday Viewers today , after Mike Huckabee was on FOX News Sunday eith Chris Wallace, this morning. For those wanting to catch up on Huckabee, a long list of recent article links is provided. Note the one that I had not yet written, from the liberal New Republic.

The following and other recent articles discuss how Romney has made contradictory remarks about federal versus national legislation about abortion. He has said that he supports a constitutional amendment banning abortion nationwide. But this article talks about him assuring Nevadans that he would leave the matter to the states. Romney's answer on abortion ripples across the country

Sure looks like one thing to one population and another thing to another. Surely not! But, there is a pretty well-established pattern with Romney… He has gone both ways on the right to life, and now he offers two prescriptions in his current role as a pro-lifer.

Friday, August 24, 2007

NR Update On Club For Growth/Being Mike Huckabee

I haven't quite been able to figure out why The Club For Growth has such an axe to grind about Mike Huckabee. I speculated that they were somehow vested in another candidate. Jeremy at Mike Huckabee '08 - also looked at the disparity in the Club For Growth’s analyses of Huckabee, Romney, and Giuliani.

But, after what I've read in the past few days, I'm inclined to view it more kindly. Though I too, am still mystified about the CFG's indifference to the implications of The Fair Tax, much of their problem may be perfectly innocent ignorance.

The Club For Growth talk appears to have not a clue about the relative responsibilities and abilities of the federal government. A more intense study of Mike Huckabee shows that he is quite aware of the difference and the meaning of the 10th Amendment. CFG president Pat Toomey, in an interview published in yesterday's National Review Online, accused Huckabee of "trying to hoodwink" people about his conservatism, which I'm certain he isn't doing. Either Toomey hasn't watched closely enough or he isn't equipped with the facility to discern a person quite different than the one he describes.

Human Events reviewed the CFG’s analyses of Romney and Huckabee: which included this:

“The massive increase in government spending is due in part to the number of new programs and expansion of already existing programs initiated by Governor Huckabee, including ARKids First, a multimillion-dollar government program to provide health coverage for thousands of Arkansas' children.´ Gasp! Health Care for (poor – they left that out) Scandalous! J The important thing about the ARKids First program providing health care assistance for poor children, is that it wasn’t just a big government waste.

The ARKids First program promoted by Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee provides government health insurance to minors in families earning up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level. Wow, that’s extravagant, huh? A state in the wealthiest country in the history of the planet, providing MedicAid coverage for children of families earning up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level. That’s not the entire family, but only their children under 19! The tax cost to my household of four would come to a fraction of what we spend on pizza delivery. Can you imagine the pain and stress relieved when families who do well to stay dry and eat peanut butter and pork ’n beans don’t have to be frightened to death about sickness or injury to their children? I posted a comment after the article.

. Being Mike Huckabee

This article By Salena Zito at Pittsburgh Tribune-Review cites the quote from Democratic strategist John Lapp that I have mentioned here, going on to discuss how Huckabee appeals to the general public.: "If he had money, he would be our worst nightmare," says Democrat strategist John Lapp.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Friday is Mike Huckabee's Birthday

Kevin Tracy has a birthday card from Mike Huckabee’s wife for his 52nd birthday, tomorrow (Friday).

Eletion2008Polls - Why Huckabee Can Challenge Romney In Iowa

Be sure to read the Election2008Polls report that explains why Mike Huckabee shows the strength to challenge Mitt Romney in Iowa. This initial summary defines the clear problem of Republican politics that I have bemoaned for years! :

Summary: Mike Huckabee has a bump in post-debate polls then drops back down after voters question his viability. With Huckabee's strong second place performance at the Ames Straw Poll, his viability will no longer be questioned by Iowa voters. Look for a surge in the upcoming polls.

Voters question a candidate’s “viability” based on the profile reported in the media. We may passively suppose that the media only reports polls of the public. But, te public polls reflect what people know from the media!

The people must eventually take up their power and determine that it is their business to study the candidate (there is more information available online than the media ever has or ever will deliver) and choose what they support, not what the believe is possible listening to something else. They are the ones who decide what is possible.

To read the article, go to:

William Jennings Huckabee????

I haven’t been able to focus on it, but a few days ago Matt Lewis at a conservative blog, “”, likened Mike Huckabee’s “populism” to thrice failed Democratic nominee (over one hundred years ago!) William Jennings Bryan.

I am in a personal situation that allows me to pay close attention online to progress in the the 2008 presidential campaign. As a longtime observer of American politics and a strong supporter of Mike Huckabee’s campaign for the Republican nomination, I expect and am not too bothered by criticism and even scorn from sources that are more inclined to think in the terms of The Democratic Party. However, when elements on the conservative side raise questions, there must be a response. Once nominated, Mike Huckabee is quite capable of dealing with charges from Democrats. But attacks from inside conservative ranks can raise the question of his competence or worse, his honesty in presenting himself as a conservative. Incidentally, I have been a conscious and strong conservative for my entire now-middle-aged life.

Critical notices from conservatives have mostly come from sources like the libertarian Cato Institute and The Club For Growth, which eventually aired a television ad in Iowa before the Ames Straw Poll. I have only imagined a couple of motivations for these comments. Either,

1) they apply an awkward standard of evaluating spending which fails to account for the conditions of a specific state and the distinction between state and federal responsibilities. Even accepting these fiscal measurements and particularly accounting for the demands of the situation in Arkansas, government growth under Huckabee was relatively small, even while real dramatic and needful improvements were accomplished in the state. One wonders how these sources measure legislators: on mere votes, rather than actual executive governing? Or

2) is it no more complicated than having a vested interest in another candidate, which is a stronger

suspicion about The Club For Growth after their pre-Straw Poll Iowa ad?

Lewis frets Huckabee’s rhetoric because Huckabee dared to point out that average Americans (read: most voters) are concerned about the possibility of corporate and financial managers selling off their jobs, bankrupting companies, and eviscerating their pensions while they may be awarding themselves multi-million dollar bonuses in the process. Lewis says, “Most conservatives believe that in attacking these entities, Democrats are seeking to change the rules in the middle of the game -- and punish folks merely for making a lot of money.”

Yes, Democrats may do that. But Huckabee does not, saying up-front that profit is a good thing. Of course, he’s right about that, and it’s a little strange for a conservative to be suspicious of a Republican who has made it a pillar of his campaign to call for obliterating Congress’ power to manipulate private and personal behavior by tinkering with the tax code, and ending IRS power to intrude upon and divert private operation by entangling it in nuisance and audit.

But, Huckabee is also right both morally and politically when he says that Republicans are derelict and unwise if they might appear to be blind, deaf and dumb to the actions of financial manners which produce no real wealth but only divert it to themselves from accounts and paychecks of faithful employees. You needn’t seek to intrude and “change the rules in the middle of the game,” to rightly call a greedy spade a spade, after the fact of avarice. And Huckabee is right that conservatives are morally deficient and politically suicidal to be indifferent to such situations.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Politco Clairvoynce On Huckabee

The Politico's Jonathan Martin has a new story today about Governor Huckabee. Typically for a political analyst, Martin includes a lot of extrasensory perception about motivations and intentions in his perception of Huckabee’s campaign and graciously avails the reader of the fruit of his extraordinary gift. Martin’s article is about Huckabee finally going “on the attack.” Now, if you follow Huckabee closely, you know that he has overtly renounced a campaign focused on negatives about rivals for the Republican nomination, rather than on communicating his beliefs and ambitions.

This sentence in the article may be the most stark manifestation of Martin’s mind-reading skills which, to be fair are pretty much expected of political comment. If you don’t pick up on Huckabee’s relative coherence, this seems a clear distinction between he and Sam I “on the attack, too? Is directing attention to elements of the campaign like Brownback’s well-known comments and calls questioning other’s pro-life and foreign policy credentials, or Huckabee recognizing the obvious fact that his campaign has not been built and succeeded on the expenditure of tens of millions of dollars, even months before the first binding vote is cast, really “going on the attack?”

Again, such cynical divination is taken for granted from political analysts. Martin males vague reference to Huckabee’s heretofore positive inclination, followed by, “But now, with his comments aimed squarely, if obliquely, at Romney, Huckabee’s “aw shucks” populism appears to be taking on a sharper edge.”

Now, I will offer my best conjecture (I wish political analysts would at least describe their interpretations as “conjecture”) of what Martin is talking about. But, ordinary language connotes “…with his comments aimed squarely, if obliquely, at Romney…” as a direct contradiction: “squarely” means directly,” and “obliquely” means at an angle or logically indirect. We can let his awkward diction slide, assuming the intention that Huckabee’s intent was directly at Romney while his language was general about campaigning methods.

But Huckabee’s point was about campaigning methods, Romney has spent the most money in the early states, and he is not the only one dropping many millions of dollars: McCain has spent at a red pace demanding a scale-back, and Giuliani has overtly strategized to survive the early retail politicking states and focus on the big media-expensive states.

Martin’s article is nothing like an “attack” on Huckabee.. It’s just a look at Huckabee’s task and a mildly cynical look at his strategy. Maybe, Martin should be glad his words aren’t being interpreted by a political analyst.

Monday, August 20, 2007

National Review Article Advocates Huckabee Because "Governors Win"

Mike Huckabee's web page linked an article by S.T. Karnick, saying that governors win and Huckabee is the best Republican candidate: To read more click here

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Long Personal Huckabee Video At Another blog

Watch this video at The Maritime Sentry blog:

"Hope For America" - The Story Of Mike Huckabee

"If he had money, he would be our worst nightmare."

Headline Of Sunday’s post at , the 1st Huckabee blog that began in 2005:

"If he had money, he would be our

worst nightmare."

Democratic strategist John Lapp in the wake of Gov. Huckabee's surprise 2nd place finish in the Iowa straw poll.

Other Democrats have said similar things.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

National Review's Rich Lowry (on Brownback): Quittin’ Time/Catch Up With Huckabee Videos

I have written that Sam Brownback’s hanging onto the presidential race raises the question of whether he cares more about his signal issue of life or more about Sam Brownback. Rich Lowry makes the same point in an article at National Review Online. Lowry also points to some recent swinging in Brownback’s posture on some issues. I think that it probably isn’t a lot more than the fact that Brownback isn’t particularly lucid in his perspective, so that his sentiments aren’t intellectually constrained, and he has found himself grasping for attention and approval, like a struggling man in rough water, grabbing for something to hold him up. As I think he has decent sentiments and a seat in the US Senate, he should just graciously settle back there and use the things that he has. If he won’t do that until he has weakened a sure pro-life candidate in a conflict with those who have been historically unsure, I may have to question his priorities.

For those looking for Mike Huckabee’s history on issues (in text at, I have culled video from YouTube , where there are too many, including a lot of personal reactions to Huckabee. The below are mostly Huckabee video appearances.

Near the end, I included an audio comment about John McCain’s (politically changed) position on the Confederaqte flag at the courthouse in South Carolina. I included it to point out McCain’s Washington muddled-headedness on constitutional questions. Huckabee correctly identifies McCain’s error in not recognizing the proper sovereignty of states in deciding such an issue. Huckabee says if South Carolina wants to remove the flad that’s fine, but the federal government has no business imposing itself. I said back at the time of the controversy that I didn’t think it was worth it for South Carolina to post the flag there if it offended much of their population, but it was South Carolina’s decision to make. McCain simply doesn’t understand these things and neither does Thompson.

Mike Huckabee Fox News GOP Debate 2

Huckabee talks about his idea for a fair flat tax, and pokes a little fun at John Edwards, at the May 15th debate....Mike Huckabee Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee
talks about his idea for a fair flat tax, and pokes a little fun at John Edwards, at the May 15th debate.
(more) (less)

From: lfgx1
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Mike Huckabee at the NEA Convention

former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in a speech to the National Education Association's annual Representative Assembly....National Education Association NEA Mike Huckabee teachers NCLB No Child Teaching is "a vital and important profession" deserving of professional-level salary and benefits and elevated respect as we seek to "educate our replacements, the next generation" in this country, said former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in a speech to the National Education Association's annual Representative Assembly. (more) (less)

From: EducationVotes
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Gov. Huckabee on the Fair Tax

Gov. Huckabee talks about the Fair Tax...mike huckabee president fair tax

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Gov. Huckabee Talks Jeffersonian Principles

Gov. Huckabee at an event at Pizza Ranch, and footage of the Governor talking about the role of the Federal Government....mike huckabee states federal

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June 5th Debate: Mike Huckabee on Moral Issues

Mike Huckabee on moral issues in America...June 5th debate Mike Huckabee GOP Presidential candidate moral issues religion

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Huckabee At Iowa Republican Debate Pt V

Mike Huckabee at the Iowa Republican Debate, Aug. 5, 2007 Visit my blog at Huckabee

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Huckabee on Iraq

Governor Mike Huckabee speaks to the Richland County Republican Convention in Columbia, South Carolina....schotline huckabee presidential politics south carolina

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Mike Huckabee on the Chris Wallace show PART 1

Governor Mike Huckabee on the chris wallace show talking about the fair tax. 5-27-07...Governor mike huckabee gop republican presidential candidate chris wallace

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Mike Huckabee on Chris Wallace Show PART 2

Governor Mike Huckabee on the Chris Wallace show talking about GOP candidates, immigration, and his campaign....governor mike huckabee gop republican presidential candidate chris wallace

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Gov Mike Huckabee Speaks to schotline's Will Folks [Revised]

Gov Mike Huckabee Speaks to schotline's Will Folks [Revised] An schotline Production 'Insider politics from across the State of South Carolina'

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The Best of Mike Huckabee

clips and quotes from Republican presidential nominee Mike Huckabee. Join the Cause: WWW.MIKEHUCKABEE.COM...mike huckabee governor republican democrat independent president election politics

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Team Tancredo considered this a stain on Huckabee. I don’t see it.

Huckabee Happily Sells Citizenship to Illegals

Huckabee admits to selling out our citizenship to illegal aliens. He thinks it's not amnesty, but illegal aliens still get the grand prize: citizenship.

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AUGUST 07, 2007 MSNBC...pot brownies olbermann comment ron paul mitt romney rudy giuliani john mccain tom tancredo duncan hunter iowa debate

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Huckabee on Hannity 07/09/07

Governor Mike Huckabee on Hannity. Hannity

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Eye To Eye: Mike Huckabee (CBS News)

presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee discusses his strong showing in the Iowa straw poll with CBS' Harry Smith. ( huckabee republican presidential

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AUGUST 08, 2007 HARDBALL...mike huckabee hardball republican bush iraq health care

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Huckabee:Washington Insider mccain wrong on confederate flag

Governor Mike Huckabee says Washington Insider mccain wrong on confederate flag. 04.10.07...huckabee mccain confederate flag

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Rove Resigns, Huckabee Win, 2008

Rove Resigns, Huckabee Win, 2008 Fox News W/ Bill Kristol discuss......News Politics Elections Rove People

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Huckabee Backed Scholarships For Illegal Immigrants (well, for the children of illegal immigrants who earned them)

FOX Chris Wallace

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04.28 Mike Huckabee - Faith and Politics

Faith and Politics...huckabee

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Mike Huckabee talks about homeschooling...Mike Huckabee Homeschooling

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NEA Convention - July 5, 2007

Gov. Mike Huckabee, and Sen. Joe Biden addressing the National Education Association Representative Assembly in teachers union NEA obama huckabee biden

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