Thursday, August 30, 2007

Video of Huckabee On Iowa Radio Talk Show/Trying to Look Ahead/A Hasty Conservative Criticism

Check out Mike Huckabee on the Jan Mickelson Show on WHO Radio in Des Moines, Iowa, for the second time in two weeks.

Huckabee showed well at the Ames, Iowa Straw Poll after working Iowa for a few months. After that showing, political radio hosts in Iowa who always liked him, are now much more confident about him. Huckabee has four months before the Iowa Caucuses to work and build. Think of how continued progress along the same line could play out: Four months out is a long way to predict and surely a lot could happen. But, I think Mitt Romney needs to have something up his sleeve to hold Huckabee back. Huckabee will continue to grow in profile in South Carolina too, and a big showing at the Iowa Caucus, especially a win, will give SC a major boost. I think his profile will grow in New Hampshire, too. But given the demography there, Romney’s next-door Massachusetts profile, and the effort and money that he and Giuliani will invest, it’s not so easy to speculate about a possible win in NH. Heck, even McCain will work NH hard and I think will be on the map, but I do think Huckabee can beat him, there.

Huckabee says he’s playing to win in NH and he has a team of local politicians in place, there. Maybe he has something up his sleeve. Heck, if he won in Iowa, finished 2nd in NH, and won SC and competes in Florida, Feb. 5th’s primary day with over a third of the nation voting, would get pretty hairy. It looks like it could be so close that some other slips or gaffes may likely play a bigger role in the picture months from now, than we can imagine.

And, what about Fred Thompson? Is he in here, in NH? Maybe, though they have portrayed him as a conservative Lancelot to the rescue who would compete with Huckabee for the conservative vote, if the others have already built a following, maybe he would just serve to break the vote into smaller pieces so that the bar is not so high for a victory.

Read this conservative criticism of video of an interview I had seen, but the article offer hadn’t watched closely enough, along with Huckabee’s campaign in general. Following is my comment at the posting:

Why Mike Huckabee Can't Be The Conservative Choice For President ... and

I find it hard to believe that you are not motivated primarily by your support for Fred Thompson, and are so silly as to wite something different from the very video that you yourself, posted in the article.

Huckabee explicitly said that he wouldn't propose targeting consumers, but would consider it a workplace safety ban. I am one of those conservatives that doesn't like government regulating private business. But, if Huckabee is going to address health care as no one has even after decades of talk and increasing health problems in The United States, it isn't only foregivable, its economically necessarty that we address costs from the front end rather than on the expensive back end.

Mike Huckabee is perfectly cognizant of the 10th Amendment and respectful of its intentions, speaking as someone who has watched his campaign constantly for over six months.

As Brian said, we have the costs of existing health care programs/promises to consider, and the enormous burden of ill health on Gross National Product, not to mention the personal toll of peoples' unhealthy lifestyles. If nothing else, I would just be relieved to give Democrats a reason to shut the heck up about national health care. To be fair, I can understand that you haven't been paying closer attention. Please watch more closely.


ThinkAware said...

Thanks for stopping by ThinkAware today. I responded to your comment over there. I took your advice and made a few emails. Now I'm off to add you to my technorati favs!

Larry Perrault said...

Thanks. I've been away and/or displaced by family for a few hours. I'll get back over to your blog. Don't you think Governor Beasley and and the Campbells will get a strong movement going in SC?

ThinkAware said...

HI Larry,

No apology necessary. I don't mind what Mr. Maloney says. We all have a right to our opinions. I knew when I stood up for the Romans he would probably point his gun at me next, but I didn't care. Somebody had to, he got personal with them in a really rude and crass way. I held my tongue overnight, but then I felt compelled to say something, so I got it over with, and I guess it bothered him. He thinks I asked him to apologize for his statements, but I asked him to apologize for his bad attitude that hurt people's feelings, although worded differently. When it became clear that he can't see within an inch of himself, I chalked it up to another man with a little too much time on his hands looking for drama to blog about. I haven't engaged him since, expect to ask him to please stop emailing (he sent me 5 in 24 hours and then wanted to know why I wasn't publishing them). I decided not to engage him because I no longer take him seriously....He seems to me like someone who has placed himself on a pedestal and is unwilling to see anything outside of his own narrow viewpoint, and he doesn't even realize it. Everything aside, the one thing that set me off was when he questioned their faith. How can he know what is between their hearts and God? That is between them and God and not for him to judge, especially for deciding to breifly withdraw their support of Huckabee. Last time I checked the Bible, that wasn't criteria for being a Christian. I found his accusations utterly appalling, and totally uncalled for. He may have well just said "You're going to hell for not supporting Huckabee." It was just crass, and meanspirited. In condemning the Romans for referring to Guiliani as a skunk (Wow, are we really even talking about this?) he came off much worse in how he treated them. I think they might have just had a good chuckle if he had just called them skunks instead of questioning whether or not they were Christians. Instead he went to low blows. I know neither the Romans or Steve well. I just stood up for them because too many times people sit on the sidelines and watch people hurt others, and I'm not that person. Once I had my say, I backed off completely, and I think he is stewing in the fact that I'm not playing along. Please delete this comment, or if you moderate do not post it publicly as I would rather it just die off.