Monday, August 13, 2007

McCain: Iowa straw poll result 'meaningless'

Oh, two Things I Forgot...

Here is the link to contribute at the Huckabee campaign web page:

And, as predicted, John McCain called the Ames Straw Poll (where he drew less than 1%) "meaningless." McCain: Iowa straw poll result 'meaningless'

From CNN: "

McCain, who garnered 101 votes, said he was surprised to get that many.

'I thought it would be zero,' McCain said after talking to about 350 members of the Columbia Rotary Club. 'I think straw polls are meaningless and that's all. I understand that it's a great way for the party to get money. I haven't engaged in any straw polls either here in South Carolina or Iowa or New Hampshire or anywhere else.'

McCain, who was in New Hampshire over the weekend, said missing the straw poll does not affect his strategy to win primaries in all three early GOP primary states, including Iowa."

What else is he going to say?


Lee said...

I don't always agree with John McCain, but in this case, I think he's right. 1. It's still too early. 2. Several major candidates with lots of support in Iowa didn't run in this particular poll. And while preception is part of the game, in this case, the only one the press is going to pay attention to is Romney. That troubles me.

I still think Huck's best chance is an independent run. The party establishment doesn't see him as electable, particularly against Hillary or Obama. He can give it a shot and get his message out in '08, and see where it goes from there.

Larry Perrault said...

McCain and Giuliani didn't participate in Iowa because it would lok worse if they did and lost, which they would have.

Thompson has been enjoying staing free of questions and staying high in the polls. What's the rush? I think he's gonna need a good push from the press to catch up with Huckabee and Romney in Iowa. Maybe I tend to look at the good possibilities, but if you look at what Huckabee did in the Ames Straw Pol with little money, what do you think he will do with 4 more months of beating the bushes in Iowa? If he stays visible, I think he will take at least some of what would have been Romney's suport, and most of Brownback's, if he gets out. I think some of Brownback's support will unite behind Huckabee, even if Brownback stays in. If Brownback gets out, Huckabee's in a tangle with Romney, though Romney will pound the airwaves.

And in Iowa, I think that more support that goes to Giuliani and McCain will come from Romney than from Thompson and Huckabee. There's plenty of time for the Thompson balloon to fizzle.

Giuliani just wants to dogpaddle to Feb. 5 and its big states. Huckabee isn't going Independent, I don't think, even if Giuliani's the nominee. That wouldn't be healthy for his future.