Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Still Despairing Blind Entranced Voters

I was reading another blog, where people were bemoaning the futility of achieving changes like The Fair Tax (I had said elect Huckabee, who is dead serious and will put political pressure on Congress for the 2012 cycle, if nothing else. A response was that Huckabee was at best, Romney, Giuliani, or Tompson’s Veep, so nothing could get done. I’m about a dozen years full of this pathetic powerless moaning of the people who actually do the voting. Here’s my comment:

You know, it's so wearying watching people surrender their own right to choose their leaders to the fraction of 1% who constitute the media magpies, so they can tell them who "the leaders: are: read: who you can not waste your time thinking about, let alone voting for. Those "leaders" are none of them principled, but at best, leaning sentimental conservatives.

Do you think that's an accident? The same thing happened in the cycle for the 2000 election. At the Ames Straw Poll, of the 14 declared Republican candidate, Bush with name and money finished first. A brilliant and principled Alan Keyes finished second. John McCain was not even on the map.

Yet, by the time the media had finished painting, near the end of the cycle, Bush and McCain were the only people in the media-perception, contesting for the nomination. Alan Keyes was still in the contest, but he was considered an also-ran hanger-on. McCain and Bush were the least principled conservatives of the original 14. IT'S NO ACCIDENT!

It is supposedly conservative Republicans who actually DO THE SELECTING, in the nomination process. But, they stagger, zombie-like, to the Pied Pipering of a media that they supposedly HATE.

You people obviously have no clue what is happening on the ground, in Iowa. Just watch the people force the media to change the picture on and after Saturday's Straw Poll. The media may try to explain the "aberration." Will the people let themselves be talked out of the facts, in the days following” We’ll see. But remember, it's the responsibility of THE PEOPLE, NOT THE MEDIA, to decide who are candidates and representatives are


Stephen R. Maloney said...

In 1972, state Republican treasurer Bette Bannister introduced me to Gerald Ford in DC. He gave a short speech about how, sometime while he was still in Congress, he would like to serve as Speaker of the House. Within the next two years, he was Vice President of the House and, soon thereafter, President of the United States. Larry and I both like to predict the future in politics, but we know that it's truly impossible to predict. I don't know what the future holds for Mike Huckabee, and nobody else (aside from God) does either. The man is 51. He probably has 25-30 good years left in American politics. I like Mike a lot, as Larry and others know. I've refrained from making predictions about what will happen with Mike, mainly because he's the kind of unsual man who could 'catch fire.' He's made millions of friends; the key is whether they turn into friends who also vote for him. I've been involved in losing campaigns many times, including the first two Gingrich campaigns (he won the third) and Diana Lynn Irey's crusade against John Murtha. On election eve, I don't have bad feelings. I've done what I thought was right for the country, and so there's little to be sad about. If Mike does become a vice-presidential candidate, that would be good for him and the country, even though I think there are compelling reasons to hope Sarah Heath Palin gets that role. Remember, people like Mike and Sarah are new to the country, and it takes most people a while to get to know them.


Stephen R. Maloney said...

Note: On the previous comment, Gerald Ford was V-P of the country, not the House.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Larry, I've been having trouble for days getting e-mails through to you. They "time out."