Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Take Control Of YOUR Vote/Huckabee And Fred Thompson And Conservatism/Huckabee In The News, Last Week

If you're catching up afte the Ames Straw Poll got your attention, at the bottom of this post are some things I accumulated in the week leading up to Huckabee's showing in Ames..

Unfazed, the Notheastern liberal “experts” at MSNBC, convened and discussed only Romney and Giuliani, with a mention of Thompson and that McCain has just offended Republicans, now distrusting on too many counts. The absolute rejection of Iowa Republican activists, of Thommpson, Giuliani, and McCain did not even give them pause. Conservative Christians, they said, care more about terrorism than they do their other pet issues. And presumably to these people, conservatives think Giuliani and Romney are the only Republicans in America who can guide us in that challenge. What kind of nonsense is that? Are the other candidates running without any conviction about how the commander-in-chief job that they are running for ought to confront a threat to the nation? These commenters have such a narrow, blinkered perspective that they couldn’t see a bus coming at them if it didn’t have the obligatory media celebrity signs on it. As always, remember that it is the American people, not these insular Northeastern pundits, who choose a president. And Republican nominees are chosen by Republicans. Look closely at the candidates, and make your choice, not theirs. I would add, tell them to stick it in their ear. There is an able, experience stout-hearted America-loving conservative in the race whom conservatives who met him personally chose over money in Iowa. Mitt Romney spent $600/vote at the Iowa Straw Poll. Mike Huckabee spent less than $50/vote. Though there is plenty more to explore and I encourage it, that says more than enough by itself.

Just so you don’t think I’m the only one who’s noticed Fred Thomson’s unprincipled (he may understand that money buys politicians, but he doesn’t understand The Constitution and that laws can’t stop it, which is a liberal idea), Nate Nelson writes at WordPress about Thompson’s overblown conservatism at Huckabee’s Appeal , as does Captain’s Quarters, from where I followed the link. Huckabee’s blog cites: Ed Morrissey of the Captain's Quarters Blog adds more insight into the great (Huckabee) article from the WSJ.

I would sum it up simply this way: Thompson as the conservative savior is a trumped up media fabrication.

1) Scroll down at http://rawstory.com/news/2007/Do_Republicans_secretly_want_socialized_health_0806.html and watch the video of Frank Luntz talking about response to Huckabee, whom he said gained the most from Sunday’s ABC debate in Iowa..

2) MA For Huckabee posted a link to a video of Tuesday’s interview with Matt Lauer on MSNBC Gov. Huckabee's Interview With Matt Lauer Video

3) Kevin Tracy’s notice on Tuesday of Newt Gingrich’s comments that he expects Huckabee to catch on. Gingrich Likes Mike on Tuesday.

4) Mike Huckabee ’08 posted a number of other links, including SC4 Huckabee’s posting video of Wednesday’s appearance with Chris Matthews on Hardball. Huckabee Updates from the Blogroll

5) This is a YouTube video of highlights from Huckabee’s debate appearances. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sdZY3oSupU

6) Chris Celizza and Dan Balz of The Washington Post, interviewed Huckabee on the campaign trail in Iowa, Thuesday morning, found here.


Stephen R. Maloney said...

I agree with you about Fred Thompson, whom I find increasingly irritating. I wrote a piece on my old blog about Fred Thompson as the Republican version of "The Great Pumpkin." You may remember in Charlie Brown that the kids would wait each Halloween for the arrival of the Great Pumpkin (it was a humorous play on people who keep predicting the Second Coming will happen in a week or so). But every year they were disappointed. I wrote this months ago, and somehow Great Pumpkin Thompson has still not arrived. The Republican contest may very end up being between Rudy Giuliani and Mike Huckabee, neither of whom will ever be seen with his hands around the other man's throat. They will both use the phrase "I'm the only candidate that . . . (whatever)," but that's about as "vicious" as they'll get. Imagine that, a civilized campaign!
On MSNBC: that will teach you never to listen to that particular cable outlet. You may listen to CNN in the morning because Kiran Chetry makes fun of silly stories the news directors think are worthy of note. Plus, she likes dogs, cats, small children, and Mike Huckabee (whom she interviewd Monday) so she must be nearly perfect.

Larry Perrault said...

I'll get over to your blog. I just wish the Thompson candidacy would take a decisive blow to the chin, before it gets off the ground.

MSNBC is its own little intellectual (using the term loosely) dimension. But, Huckabee appears with those guys and disarms them. They don't quite know what to make of him.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Check your e-mail for the link to the Salena Zito article that will appear tomorrow in the Pittsburgh (PA) Tribune-Review. It's about Mike Huckabee.