Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Race Is Between The Media (Giuliani), And The People (Huckabee)

The reason people are "unsatisfied" with the Republican fiels is that they are unsatisfied with the four who've gotten all the medoa attention . The media doesn't report celebrity. The media CREATES celebrity.

Two of the most experience, sober, and innovative candidates are already gone because the media gave them no celebrity profile: Jim Gilmore and Tommy Thompson.

If the mainstream media were controlled by people who think like WorldNet Daily or Free Republic types, Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo would ber superstars. Conservatives are uncomfortable with Fred McGiuliomney,because of ambiguity in their histories. Yet, they lead "the polls." Do you seriously think that's an ACCIDENT?

That's why Huckabee's propgress is particularly notable: Reagan-like, he has projected himself past the media to the people.

The ONLY factor that restrains him fro being the poll-leader is that the media aren't falling all over themselves about Huckabee as the coming Messiah, a la Colin Powell or Fred Thomson. Thompson hasn't announced a candidacy and Powell never did. The media's container was sprouting leaks 12 years ago that have now grown to draining holes.

Those holes look as though they may be large enough for enough water to pour through to raise Huckabee to the top by the end of the primary season. Working in the other direction is the frontloading and compression of the process. That's why I think Stephen Maloney is correct that it may come down to Giuliani and Huckabee: if enough pours through the cable and Internet leaks, Huckabee wins. If the compression of the system means that time runs out first, and money and media hold together as long as it takes for enough delegates to be chosen, Giuliani wins. In brief, with Huckabee the people will win, while with Giuliani the media will win.

Those leaks are still growing. Unless mass-culture pollutes enough minds (which is why cities vote liberal;), before then, the populus will affedt a big bite on what has been the conventional process, in the next election or two.


ThinkAware said...

Huckabee does touch the hearts of people everywhere he goes. I wonder sometimes about the conversations people are having on the ground in Everydayville, USA about huckabee because of the way he has with people. The other candidates aren't even close. They are like untouchable plastic compared to Huckabee.

Larry Perrault said...

I think there is another surprise in store at the Iowa Caucuses. Huckabee will be closer, but will he BEAT Romney? That would be a dramatic sling shot. Huckabee has 4 months to build Iowa up. If polls show him rising, the "frontrunners" will either have to carpet-bomb the airwaves with criticisms and their own ads, or withdraw from Iowa competition as they did with the Straw Poll. and insist that their loss "doesn't matter," hoping to carry their celebrity through to the big media-intensive states a few weeks later, on Feb 5. Some people will buy it, some won't. The question is, how many?