Saturday, August 18, 2007

National Review's Rich Lowry (on Brownback): Quittin’ Time/Catch Up With Huckabee Videos

I have written that Sam Brownback’s hanging onto the presidential race raises the question of whether he cares more about his signal issue of life or more about Sam Brownback. Rich Lowry makes the same point in an article at National Review Online. Lowry also points to some recent swinging in Brownback’s posture on some issues. I think that it probably isn’t a lot more than the fact that Brownback isn’t particularly lucid in his perspective, so that his sentiments aren’t intellectually constrained, and he has found himself grasping for attention and approval, like a struggling man in rough water, grabbing for something to hold him up. As I think he has decent sentiments and a seat in the US Senate, he should just graciously settle back there and use the things that he has. If he won’t do that until he has weakened a sure pro-life candidate in a conflict with those who have been historically unsure, I may have to question his priorities.

For those looking for Mike Huckabee’s history on issues (in text at, I have culled video from YouTube , where there are too many, including a lot of personal reactions to Huckabee. The below are mostly Huckabee video appearances.

Near the end, I included an audio comment about John McCain’s (politically changed) position on the Confederaqte flag at the courthouse in South Carolina. I included it to point out McCain’s Washington muddled-headedness on constitutional questions. Huckabee correctly identifies McCain’s error in not recognizing the proper sovereignty of states in deciding such an issue. Huckabee says if South Carolina wants to remove the flad that’s fine, but the federal government has no business imposing itself. I said back at the time of the controversy that I didn’t think it was worth it for South Carolina to post the flag there if it offended much of their population, but it was South Carolina’s decision to make. McCain simply doesn’t understand these things and neither does Thompson.

Mike Huckabee Fox News GOP Debate 2

Huckabee talks about his idea for a fair flat tax, and pokes a little fun at John Edwards, at the May 15th debate....Mike Huckabee Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee
talks about his idea for a fair flat tax, and pokes a little fun at John Edwards, at the May 15th debate.
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Mike Huckabee at the NEA Convention

former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in a speech to the National Education Association's annual Representative Assembly....National Education Association NEA Mike Huckabee teachers NCLB No Child Teaching is "a vital and important profession" deserving of professional-level salary and benefits and elevated respect as we seek to "educate our replacements, the next generation" in this country, said former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in a speech to the National Education Association's annual Representative Assembly. (more) (less)

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Gov. Huckabee on the Fair Tax

Gov. Huckabee talks about the Fair Tax...mike huckabee president fair tax

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Gov. Huckabee Talks Jeffersonian Principles

Gov. Huckabee at an event at Pizza Ranch, and footage of the Governor talking about the role of the Federal Government....mike huckabee states federal

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June 5th Debate: Mike Huckabee on Moral Issues

Mike Huckabee on moral issues in America...June 5th debate Mike Huckabee GOP Presidential candidate moral issues religion

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Huckabee At Iowa Republican Debate Pt V

Mike Huckabee at the Iowa Republican Debate, Aug. 5, 2007 Visit my blog at Huckabee

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Huckabee on Iraq

Governor Mike Huckabee speaks to the Richland County Republican Convention in Columbia, South Carolina....schotline huckabee presidential politics south carolina

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Mike Huckabee on the Chris Wallace show PART 1

Governor Mike Huckabee on the chris wallace show talking about the fair tax. 5-27-07...Governor mike huckabee gop republican presidential candidate chris wallace

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Mike Huckabee on Chris Wallace Show PART 2

Governor Mike Huckabee on the Chris Wallace show talking about GOP candidates, immigration, and his campaign....governor mike huckabee gop republican presidential candidate chris wallace

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Gov Mike Huckabee Speaks to schotline's Will Folks [Revised]

Gov Mike Huckabee Speaks to schotline's Will Folks [Revised] An schotline Production 'Insider politics from across the State of South Carolina'

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The Best of Mike Huckabee

clips and quotes from Republican presidential nominee Mike Huckabee. Join the Cause: WWW.MIKEHUCKABEE.COM...mike huckabee governor republican democrat independent president election politics

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Team Tancredo considered this a stain on Huckabee. I don’t see it.

Huckabee Happily Sells Citizenship to Illegals

Huckabee admits to selling out our citizenship to illegal aliens. He thinks it's not amnesty, but illegal aliens still get the grand prize: citizenship.

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AUGUST 07, 2007 MSNBC...pot brownies olbermann comment ron paul mitt romney rudy giuliani john mccain tom tancredo duncan hunter iowa debate

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Huckabee on Hannity 07/09/07

Governor Mike Huckabee on Hannity. Hannity

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Eye To Eye: Mike Huckabee (CBS News)

presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee discusses his strong showing in the Iowa straw poll with CBS' Harry Smith. ( huckabee republican presidential

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AUGUST 08, 2007 HARDBALL...mike huckabee hardball republican bush iraq health care

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Huckabee:Washington Insider mccain wrong on confederate flag

Governor Mike Huckabee says Washington Insider mccain wrong on confederate flag. 04.10.07...huckabee mccain confederate flag

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Rove Resigns, Huckabee Win, 2008

Rove Resigns, Huckabee Win, 2008 Fox News W/ Bill Kristol discuss......News Politics Elections Rove People

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Huckabee Backed Scholarships For Illegal Immigrants (well, for the children of illegal immigrants who earned them)

FOX Chris Wallace

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04.28 Mike Huckabee - Faith and Politics

Faith and Politics...huckabee

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Mike Huckabee talks about homeschooling...Mike Huckabee Homeschooling

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NEA Convention - July 5, 2007

Gov. Mike Huckabee, and Sen. Joe Biden addressing the National Education Association Representative Assembly in teachers union NEA obama huckabee biden

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Stephen R. Maloney said...

I think Brownback's position on the life issue -- whole life as opposed to "rhetoric life," I'd call it -- is different from any other Republican candidate. I do agree that in some other ways Brownback has not exactly covered himself with glory. Larry, I can't sent e-mails to you, as they get "timed out." I don't know if it's just me or if the world suffers from the same problem. I don't know what Fred Thompson's positions are on any issues of significance -- they seem to be "evolvoing" in what he regards as the view of the "Base."

steve maloney
palin for VP coordinator

Larry Perrault said...


I had you in mind, when I posted these videos. You'll find that Huckabee makes the same point, albeit more directly, about "pro-life" meaning more than just in the womb: "I believe life begins at conception, but it doesn't end at birth."

And, you will find easily digestible video abiyt immigration, which we have discussed, health care, and most other issues. I hope you have gotten some sense of what my heart is, even though it seems hard for you to accept that my concern for a candidate's view about life is about a healthy America, not about salving my "feelings."

Anyway, though I differ in my thoughts about practice on some issues, I don't disagree with Huckabee's heart, which is probably the overriding reason I so strongly support him.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

I think you're unintentionally (and wildly) misreading McCain's position on the Confederate flag. He's not saying Washington should take over the issue of whether a state displays the flag on public grounds. He's saying as an individual that the flag represents something to a large body of citizens that is very unpleasant (a history of slavery and racisim). He may not have stated it well, but to suggest that he is recommending a federal role in flag displays overstates matters greatly. I'm still not exactly sure what Mike's position is on how to reduce the number of abortions in the U.S. (aside from maybe appointing a sixth Catholic to SCOTUS?) I'm taking Clarence Thomas a Catholic since I heard he had "reconciled' with the RC Church. I like Mike a lot as you know, but I occasionally find a Fred Thompson mist enveloping him on issues like pro-life. Your political position generally reminds me of the (mythical?) American officer in Viet Nam who supposedly said, "We had to destroy the village in order to save it." I am recommending to all human beings that the read the Patrick Hynes ("Identity Politics") and Patrick Ruffini articles. I have links to them on my blog. Both of them deal with the melancholy fact that it's unlikely any Republican can come close in the presidential race -- and why. Note: I don't think your position is to "salve" anything. I don't know exactly what it is. I recently wrote that politics in fact DOES consist of telling people what they want to hear. People who don't inevitably end up making concession speeches. God gave us spouses and children to tell us what we didn't want to hear. I absolutely don't think most Americans value life less than Larry P. does. They may have a different definition of what constitutes life (in some cases). But I'll meditate on the whole L.P. question a little longer. I do believe you think you're right and doing what you believe God wants you to do. Apparently, God wants me to do the opposite. Maybe that's the answer to the riddle.

Larry Perrault said...

John McCain first said the flag question was a state matter. Later, assumedly after all the flak, he explicitly said that he had been wrong.

At an early debate, Tommy Thomson responded to a question about bosses firing people who are gay. Thompson said rightly, that that's up to the individual business. After being savaged in the liberal discussions, he said he hadn't understood the question..uhhh, I was having trouble with my hearing aid...whatever, he had been wrong, or mistaken.

This crap, that Democrats make an occupation of (all of their speech today, is molded to try to tickle the visceral (often thoughtless) sentiments of their base), is the "saying what people want to hear" that you are speaking of. People like John McCain may be less culpable because they din't have a very meticulously articulated standard to constrain them.

I have used an example that men have visceral impulses to respond to sexual stimulation in broad circumstances. It is a standard they should carry into a situation that tells them, "No, this is not proper and/or fair to your spouse and I need to rationally regulate my impulses."

Now, I suppose you also will say that there is no reason to have any question about a man's resolve about principle in office, just because he has demonstrated no regulation of his behavior in his supposedly lifetime personal commitments. I consider that giving demonstrably uncontrolled people the massive power of the presidency, might be something akin to handing an open bottle of bourbon to an alcoholic.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

All I meant was that John McCain was not suggesting that the federal government has no role in determining what flags a state displays, a point that wasn't clear in your comments. I may be old school but I think John McCain deserves a great deal more respect from conservatives, even though they have a right to disagree with him on issues. He has given a great deal more to his country than all the other candidates (both parties) combined. If he gets the nomination, which I doubt will happen, I'd have no problem supporting him. As a man who stands on principle, you will agree that was exactly what he doing on immigration. He certainly wasn't pandering to the aptly named "base." I don't think Gov. Huckabee would disagree with my characterization of John McCain.

Larry Perrault said...

No disagreement that McCain has earned respect. A lot of people have earned my respect who aren't qualified to be president.

Huckabee has said that McCain is a legitimate hero and he isn't interestedin criticizing a man who endured jail and torture for his country, in the service.

Of course, as I said in my last post, Huckabee isn't interested in negative campaigning against anyone.

Anonymous said...

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