Sunday, April 15, 2007

I just started this BLOG. I have been writing email for about twelve years. I started out in 1995, with a political campaign, but as these political contacts passed and others have developed, I have gone from writing about a candidate, to writing about social topics and current events, to philosophy and theology, which I studied in college (in the late 70's, but mostly early 80's - I just turned 50), and even science, which I've read a bit in.

I named the BLOG "Stranger In A Foreign Land," because 1) That's how I've come to feel in the contemporary world. My thinking doesn't seem to be exactly like anyone else's. I admire people for their character. Perspectivally, I'm no one's follower, today. I want to be a follower of Jesus. But, other people who follow Jesus will view things a little differently. And 2) The Bible describes people who went out as strangers; sometimes "peculiar people." Sometimes, ,people seem to see my thoughts as "peculiar."

Though for the first time in several years, I have taken up supporting a (reasonably) recognized political candidate, and I'll no doubt be saying things about him, I don't want to make this BLOG just a campaign BLOG for Mike Huckabee. If I want to do that, I'll start another one. But, I do recommend you read, listen, and see what you can of him, on the web. There are links to television appearances at Huckabee BLOGS, and a lot of video of and about him on YouTube. Now, he even has his own page, there.

No doubt, things will strike me or play on my mind that I have to discuss. But, aside from those thoughts about social or philosophical matters, some people (not me) will find it more interesting if I discuss more of my own life. Perhaps that will add perspective to some of my other thoughts. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1993. That has brought some surprising and unpleasant things to my life. But, it's nothing that merits complaining, compared to the things I see other people face.

I'm not in the process of dying. I have a loyal family. They are three assertive people: so that makes four of us. My children's four grandparents are alive and in our city and we see them regularly. MS? And, yes, there are other problems, too. But, I can easily feel guilty about how much I have. And, the older I get, the more I know that I didn't earn it.

I have to retire, for now. But, I'll be back with plenty of thoughts for discussing or scratching your head over.



Treekiller said...

Good morning! Look forward to reading more....

Chris Branson

thatguytom said...

I look forward to reading your posts, and my inbox thanks you.

Kilsythian said...

Sounds like the Petra song "Alien"
I can relate to that. My problem is I seem to be more estranged from traditional religious behavior.
I .........think that might be good.

LarryPerrault said...

Jesus wasn't particularly taken with "traditional religious behavior," eitherr. Still, let's not be estranged from our fellow sinning Christian brothers.


Kilsythian said...

The anti-gun crowd are going crazy again. Blaming George Bush and republicans not to mention Charlton
Heston, as he sits in his
What if, teachers were able to carry guns on campus?
What if, any adult were able to carry legally on school property?

Would there have been a 911 if legal carry was allowed on planes?

This is why our forefathers wrote the 2nd amendment

LarryPerrault said...

That anti-gun buzz couldn't have been predicted, could it? :0) Allowed? Maybe teachers should be required to have guns. That wouldn't be as drastic as a law against guns, in case someone breaks the law and shoots someone.