Thursday, April 26, 2007

The ONLY Thing Important About The Alec Baldwin Flap - Hannity Off The Rails

Obviously it’s important to the family and their friends and associates, but there is nothing that we should be interested in, about Alec Baldwin’s agitated voice mail to his daughter. I felt a little creepy just hearing it once, and downright slimy hearing it multiple times, which is standard delivery in today’s media world. This is how it now operates: Find a personal story and hammer it into public consciousness, making the traumas of real people’s lives today’s Peyton Place diversions. We have the great communications innovations to induce an ill society: a tabloidization culture on steroids; and at the expense of living, breathing people.

That’s the only important thing to consider about this story: what it says about American society. It is rude, intrusive, almost universally presumptive, and heartless. I made mention in the previous post of the news getting “tediously silly.” This is just the latest installment. Pop sociology and psychology about the Va. Tech shootings, Rosie O’Donnell’s latest, Anna Nicole Smith, Natalie Holloway, Scott Peterson, and on and on… It could make you want to be a hermit. It seems like you could lead a fuller and more productive life if you were deaf and not at all distracted by the sludge.

A good example of how disoriented we are, is Sean Hannity’s screeching about legal intervention against Baldwin: this from a supposed “conservative.” Listen, I don’t think Baldwin has a clue about how the world works or should work. He is a little bit more relevant as an able dramatic and comedic actor. But, Hannity has absorbed the liberal idea that some authority should defer over the conduct of a man’s family! What, because he is a liberal? If conservatives want to bore out that path, they will soon find authorities arbitrating over an unlimited scope of private behavior, instead of just the at least slightly limited sphere over which they have already intruded.

One might hope that Hannity will realize one day, that members of families, including his, say and do things they wish they hadn’t, AND, unless the child is being routinely beaten to a pulp, IT’S NONE OF ANYONE ELSE’S BUSINESS! Sitting in on it is grotesque. It is utterly tactless that someone released this to an utterly tactless media. Wisdom and decency over greed would have destroyed the recording. I’d never have thought I would feel sorry for Alec Baldwin.


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