Monday, May 14, 2007

'Conservative's Dark Horse?' - Who's The Judge Of Bright Stars And Dark Horses?

NewsByUs: 'Conservative's Dark Horse?' by Guest: Nancy Morgan ...

I read this article at an open publication site on the web, by a person who was surprisingly impressed by this guy, Mike Huckabee, at a campaign BBQ. You see that this individual was not familiar with Huckabee before invited to the event. You see that this person is conservative. Aside from their acknowledging an instinctive (and unfortunate) instinct to assume that one with no national media profile (she specifically mentioned money, but money follows a national media profile) “had no chance,” what also jumped out at me was the fact that in an Arkansas election, Huckabee carried half of the black vote. What’s notable about that is that it didn’t snap up the attention of the national Republican Party. If a Republican presidential nominee picked up 20% of the black vote in a national election and didn’t win comfortably, they would have done something else very wrong.

But heck, the last time I supported a Republican candidate for president, he was black! And he was brighter, better educated, and more articulate than any political candidate that I’ve ever heard. Other people that smart don’t want anything to do with running for office. When you look at everything that has happened to Alan Keyes, maybe you get an idea why. But Keyes may have talked over a lot of peoples’ heads. Huckabee is as straightforward as a hamburger and fries. Anyway, the Republican Party didn’t embrace Keyes as a possible inroad into the black vote, either.

But here’s the point: conservatives will never break out of their pattern of losing social ground until they stop not only listening to national media, but until the stop listening to the clueless national Republican Party, too! The great trick that Americans must turn the corner on is believing that they, the sovereign of the United States, can support who and what they want to, and not who and what someone else says they should.. Is it any wonder what a nation can decline to, when the people can’t snap out of that hypnotic state?


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