Monday, May 7, 2007

McCain Slips to Third in Latest Bloomberg Poll as Fred Rises; Huckabee Happy Too

Here’s a report on a Bloonberg/LA Times poll I read at Elephant Biz

Huckabee climbing in a national poll, and from what I understand, he’s well established in Iowa (where he has a longstanding party and campaigning presence and now has his campaign headquartered), New Hampshire (also strong local campaigning and presence among party activists), and South Carolina Big Republican organization headed by the wife and son of the l;ate former governor, Carrol Campbell, and finished 1st and 2nd in two large county straw polls of Republican activists in April.

Hey, you “top-tier" guys, inflated by media, but unpopular with Republican activists: See that guy on the road in your rear view mirror? A few weeks ago, he was one of those specks…


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Lee said...

With Huckabee at 3%, and among the lowest in terms of fundraising, do you really have any hope?