Sunday, July 8, 2007

Fred Thompson Lobbied for Abortion-rights Group

Thanks to my friend Tuffly Ellis for forwarding this article.

Fred Thompson lobbied for abortion-rights group, it says - Los Angeles ...

Read this. I should say a couple of things:

1) 1) I can accept the reasonable possibility that, as Thompson says, the abortion issue “has meant a little more to me since the sonogram of my…daughter”. But, even that were true it would suggest that in terms of principle, he was not clear-headed about the sanctity of life before there was some personal consideration for him, which would be perfectly consistent with his constitutionally oblivious support of McCain-Feingold and its blatant defiance of the 1st Amendment freedom of speech. At best, Thompson is a gullible nice good ol’ boy. A principled and clear-headed leader he is not.

2) 2) Actually, though Mike Huckabee does, I myself don’t advocate for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution banning abortion. If I thought it would stop abortion, I would favor it. I would favor an amendment to the US Constitution that reaffirmed the American right to life and charged states to enforce it, just as they do with any killing, and just as abolition reaffirmed the American right to liberty. But, I think it would be defied and repealed at first reports of “harms and deaths from illegal abortions,” even if it could be rarified by 2/3 of the states and enforced, both of which seem dubious prospects.

The federal government might deny benefits and eventually even American statehood (in the Northeast and in California, for example, it would probably come to that) to states who fail to do so. But, the idea of any agency of the federal government prosecuting individual violations is utter folly. Best I think, to elect leadership like Mike Huckabee who can inspire and challenge the American people do see and address the problem with the catastrophe that is the practice and tolerance of abortion.

Larry Perrault

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