Monday, July 16, 2007

Stuff About The Republican "Fron-trunners"

Be sure to read and watch everything available on the web about all of the candidates. Incidentally, you won’t find any (convenient) conversions of Huckabee. But, here are a few notes on the “front-runners.”

Read Joseph Farah, the editor of WorldNet Daily, On Mitt Romney.

And here’s a video of Romney at YouTube, that I linked to from FOX:

BOSTON — A new video posted on both YouTube and the Internet by Democrats includes a montage of political moments in which Mitt Romney repeatedly downplays his Republican Party affiliation while running for governor of heavily Democratic Massachusetts in 2002.

"I've been very clear, I think, to people all across the commonwealth, that my 'R' didn't stand so much for 'Republican,' as it does for 'reform,"' Romney said in a Sept. 21, 2002, interview with WBZ-TV.

• Click here to view the video.

This Huckabee blogger has a lot posted and linked about Fred Thompson.

Scroll down on the same blog to the video on the right side: “John McCain vs. John McCain” Nut is it even necessary, anymore, to talk about John McCain?

If you support Giuliani, I don’t know what to say to you: I actually kind of like him, personally. But, he can’t lead this nation out of the Egypt it is in.

Larry Perrault

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