Monday, July 2, 2007

What To Make Of Joe Lieberman

In the feeds I get, a link to one article read, “Lieberman: George Soros' Views 'Anti-American' Discussing “Liberals To Love,”I have written how Joe Lieberman’s willingness to defy his party’s base and ultimately sacrifice his party’s re-nomination for Senator for the sake of A) his convictions and B) American and global security, is laudable and worthy of uncommon respect, and I expressed such respect. Now, I know that many people reject the idea that engaging the struggle in Iraq does not in fact, enhance security but rather makes security more precarious. Much of the left believes that and so apparently does Ron Paul. And such an argument is not irrational even if I think it’s incautious: If you believe that and act on it, and you happen to be mistaken, the cost could be HUGE! That’s one big reason why though I respect Paul and a President Paul who represent a radical revolution that would be the stuff of dreams, I don’t endorse his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president. I think he’s smart and means well, but if he’s wrong…, it could be catastrophic.

But, this article touches on the other dangerous tendency that I warned about: the temptation of Republicans to solicit Lieberman’s switch to the Republican Party. If The Republican Party embraces the fiscal and social left of Joe Lieberman, what then becomes the Republican “center?” As it is, few in the party cling to standards, reacting only to sentimental and/or political provocation. Regardless of how you judge his prudence, Ron Paul is a Republican who is the purest example of adherence to principles. A relative handful of others even make any kind of effort to choose what is “right” over what is politically expedient.

If Lieberman becomes the “left” of The Republican Party, manifestly Washingtonized and tainted minds like John McCain and Trent Lott will be decidedly right of a center which would be what…Gordon Smith and George Voinovich? I have said that the party has surrendered its identity if Rudy Giuliani is its “leader.” With Lieberman on the left wing, Rudy Giuliani can now run as a “mainstream conservative.” Endorsing abortion is now not just “tolerant,” but of no more significance than differences on trade or tax reform. First Amendment-busting McCain and Fred Thompson would be radical right-wingers. Lincoln Chaffee and Olympia Snowe are now comfortably “moderate” anywhere, not just in the vocabulary of the media. Merely in terms of diction, this is not a party that it in any way recognizable as “republican.”

I like Joe Lieberman as the “Independent” replacement for Jim Jeffords.

Larry Perrault


Lee said...

Lieberman is still a card carrying Democrat, though he's an "independent" officially, and as such, can step away from the party line on occasion. This is one of those.

Don't expect that Lieberman will depart too far from the Democratic roots from whence he came, though. He's still, convictionally, a Democrat when it comes to economic issues, government philosophy and social issues. The war is just about his only diversion.

Larry Perrault said...

Yeah. I like his fidelity to his convictions. I just rarely like his convictions. He'd be a stain on and a (further)corruption in The Republican Party.