Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Remember This In Florida And On Feb. 5

Of course, Thursday, Jan. 24th at 9 Eastern, 8 Central is the Florida Republican Debate on MSNBC. Watch Huckabee and believe what he says. There will be just Huckabee, McCain, Romney, Giuliani and maybe Ron Paul intermissions. They all may support one or two of them but, Huckabee is the only one that pays mind to The Constitution, supports the Republican platform on the right to life, and recognizes the threat of Islamofascism.

Duncan Hunter endorsed Mike Huckabee, today. Hunter’s views are very similar to Huckabee’s , minus the sense of humor and the expressed empathy for Main Street America

A Florida blog posted Huckabee presents the best choice for Reagan supporters by Georgia’s Rep. John Linder. I wish everyone in Florida could read this!

Also, go to (also linked at left)

Click on the videos tab at Huck’s Army, and view any videos you like, but specifically, look at that 5 Glenn Beck videos of an hour long video, which covered a range of issues and I think revealed the man. Huckabee is not weak on immigration, American sovereignty, or the nature and urgency of the conflict with “Islamofascism.” There are also videos at the campaign web site:

What is the source of these ideas?
Well first and most simply, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson were competitors and it’s about votes. They were not principled conservatives and their criticisms were pure pragmatism.

Secondly, Big money managers (I mean big: the kind where single trades affect projects and jobs and corporate fortunes) and traders don’t like The Fair Tax. All luxuries now written off as business expenses, shifting the tax burden downward, will be taxed under The Fair Tax though savings and investments won’t. That’s why they call it “fair”: taxes are based on consumption, not production. If you buy, you pay. If you save or invest, you don’t.

Thirdly, conservatives who are sentimental more than intellectual, are traumatized by merely speech that is sympathetic, or to groups traditionally dominated by Democrats, like minorities, labor unions…etc. Again, human equality (not preference) is really a conservative issue, and conservative policy is really the best for working people (many labor unions are 40% Republicans).

And frankly, most establishment Republicans don’t fancy the idea of evangelicals at the head of the table. For them, “low church” means LOOOOOW church, as in to be looked down on. Actually talking about your beliefs is in poor form.


Quiverdaddy said...

Money talks in Washington. When a candidate and a few of his Wall Street buds can cash out half a million to buy their own think tank and begin trashing their competitors, the guy without money has to do the unthinkable -- come up with original ideas and talk to real people.

Huckabee's appeal is not to Evangelicals only as you note. He appeals to working people everywhere -- and to the bosses who want to keep them employed.

I don't know if you caught it in a recent interview when someone challenged him on his fiscal policy if the Fair Tax isn't acted upon right away. Without batting an eye, he mentioned eliminating the death tax, getting rid of the Capital Gains tax and maintaining the Bush tax cuts.

Even if that's a "new" position for him, Mitt Romney has proven that someone can "grow" in the process of campaigning. I suspect that's Huckabee's real position, since he did all that in Arkansas anyway.

Lee said...

I'm liking Huckabee's chances for the Republican nomination a bit better, even after South Carolina. Romney is fading in both state by state and national polls. We are far enough into the primaries now to see that the "electability" factor, which was an issue for Huckabee early on, is now causing Romney and Giuliani problems. With national polls showing Hillary, Obama and Edwards all beating Romney by 12-15% or more nationally, and carrying the 2004 blue states, plus the addition of several key red ones such as Iowa, Nevada, Missouri, Florida and Virginia, among others, if the party wants to see an (R) beside the name of the next president, it looks like it will have to be Huckabee or McCain. They both trail the three Democrats, but not by nearly as much.

Larry said...


I surely agree that a Huckabee and/or McCain ticket (both in either order) bodes best for a Republican victory. And, there are months for voters to get to know the nominees better. When they do, the Republicans will stand up better. The problem is that McCain and Huckabee don't have the money to spend in all the Feb. 5th markets.

Romney has the money. But, he is the ONLY Republican with negatives to match Hillary's. (for pretty good reason, I think). And, by the time the Clintons are done with Romney, you won't be able to see him for the mud.

I know I would never vote for Giuliani. To vote for Romney would be the nose-holder of all time. The best thing I can say about Romney is that with his success and nice family, it's hard to imagine that he's as big a jackass as he seems as a candidate.

McCain is philosophically incoherent and has bought the disdain pof many a conservative. But, he hasn't been the negative distprter that Romney and Thompson have. And, he seems to be relatively a lot more true to his convictions, ambiguous though they are.

I'm in with and behind Huckabee all the way. But, this weekend I hope to elaborate on what distinguishes McCain from Romney. I often disagree with McCain's judgments, some of which reveal a distorted sense of prudence about human nature, The Constitution, and Washington culture and power.

But, he's a way bigger man than Romney. I would enjoy watching the Republican establishment and the killer-bee right that swarms anything that jostles its next, squirm in the face of a ticket of Huckabee and McCain. They would be more unhappy than I was voting for Bob Dole.