Friday, January 25, 2008

Why Florida Should Support Huckabee

For those in Florida concerned about the Republican options:

I just want to remind Florida to view videos at , , and elsewhere on the web. They are easy to ingest and also give you a sense of the man, of whom I think there is more than of his competitors.

The sentimental right's favorite candidate, Duncan Hunter, has endorsed Mike Huckabee for president after getting to know him on the campaign trail. This stunned and shocked the Piranha right which can't reconcile Huckabee's support for border order and integrity with his lack of spite for immigrants. Both things are true. But, that's a contradiction in terms for coyote conservatives.

Also, John Steinberger of Florida State University and the Institute for Conservative Studies, has endorsed Mike Huckabee, as I posted below: Leading Social Conservative in Florida Switches From Thompson to Huckabee.

Huckabee is also the clearest and most consistent on the right-to-life and the 2nd Amendment. He's questioned the prudence and effectiveness of McCain-Feingold, calling it "campaign finance DEform. And, Huckabee sincerely appeals to populations that have been historically dominated by Democrats. Republican victory is almost guaranteed by modest inroads among minorities and unions, may of which are available if Republicans will just TALK TO THEM.


Stephen R. Maloney said...

The absolutely critical issue facing Thompson, Giuliani, and Huckabee next week will be if they have the courage (and good sense) to endorse McCain for President before Super Tuesday. Thompson's campaign is over, and Huckabee and Giuliani are on major life support. Huckabee will finish fourth in FL, and there is no reason for him to go on. Floridians in their wisdom are rejecting Larry's advice that they vote for the Pastor-in-Chief. He's not even winning a majority of Republican evangelicals who, like everybody else in America, like a winner.

Will the people I've highlighted do the right thing and endorse McCain? Stay tuned. Sarah Palin could do herself a world of good if she were to come out strongly for McCain. Romney? I fear he goes to the same hair stylist as John Edwards.

Larry said...

I don't know what people wil so. But, I hope it is more thoughtful that the microscopic-brained motivation to project and pick "a winner."

I think Huckabee should make the point that establishment Republicans are trying to kick their largest constituency in the tee, by pulling as many delegates as he can.

Don't you think it is interesting that people are saying that his campaign is on the ropes and he ought to drop out, when the last contest he was involved in, only 9 days ago, he drew 30&, more registered Republicans that in McCain's 33%, and he surely would have won if Fred Thompson had ended his Kabuki campaign before SC and left his 16% in play? Also, Huckabee is the only remaining Republican candidate WHO ACTUALLY SUPPORTS THE REPUBLICAN PLATFORM!

All of that said, though I think Huckabee wants to collect delegates, I wouldn't guess that he would watch McCain lose to Romney, if he could stop it. McCain is principally clueless and blinkered by a Washington perspective. But, he's a noble, decent, and relatively straightforward man, which is not so evident in the case of Romney. Huckabee knows that.