Friday, October 19, 2007

Huckabee Continues To Gain In Iowa, Dick Morris Sees "The Last Right-Wing Survivor"

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Huckabee Continues To Gain In Iowa, Dick Morris Sees "The Last Right-Wing Survivor"

A new Rasmussen poll (the organization that was most accurate in the 2004 cycle) shows Mike Huckabee having passed Giuliani and McCain and in a statistical tie with Thompson’s 19%, with 18%, for second in Iowa. Here is the report . Incidentally, word is that Brownback will mercifully drop out, tomorrow. So you can give Huckabee a few more points. Romney still leads, but has dropped to 25%. So, it looks like we can see Huckabee at about 20%, and that’s just in “polls.” Among those who will actually get out to the caucuses, Huckabee would show higher and Giuliani and McCain would show lower.

Now, Huckabee is showing competitive with Romney in polls!

Remember, before the straw poll in Ames, Huckabee spent less than 5% of what Romney did and bussed in no supporters while Romney bought tickets and bussed hundreds of busses from every county in Iowa. Result? Romney didn’t quite double Huckabee’s second-place showing. It was just plain straight-up retail campaigning and personal appeal. And, there’s still over 21/2 months to go before the caucuses! At the same pace of progress in what Huckabee has called “a marathon,” Huckabee can win!

At Dick Morris has posted an article about Huckabeer as The Last Right Wing Survivor.”

Morris cites Romney’s “convenient” flip-flop-flip on abortion, with which social conservatives were not satisfied. Consequently, Fred Thompson was seduced and entered as the conservative savior. But close scrutiny made his personal record look less than appealing, along with his less than vigorous and inspiring campaign style and schedule.

Supporters of the media “frontrunners” like Romney protested Morris’ interference and questioning of their candidates and of course, dismissed “nice-guy” Huckabee as a “lightweight,” as “having no chance,” or in aping published shallow/misguided criticisms about taxes and immigration. It is true that Romney is an accomplished businessman (he’s injected millions of his own dollars into his campaign), if that is your only standard for gravitas. Before entering politics, Huckabee was unapologetically a pastor, calling it perfect preparation because he dealt personally with every social pathology, better bring him to empathize with ordinary Americans. And, he was elected as Arkansas’ Lieutenant Governor in 1993, became Governor in 1996, and was twice reelected. He served Arkansas for 131/2 years, 101/2 as governor.

As he always is, Morris is upfront that he once acted as a political consultant to Huckabee in Arkansas. But as for hawking Huckabee, Morris is only looking at social conservatives politically. He is not near one himself, having politically advised clients of both major parties, and being an enthusiastic Giuliani supporter. His positive comments about Huckabee are like most everyone else’s: that he is honest, sincere, and bright. I’ve been watching policy and politics and presidents for over 35 years, and watching Mike Huckabee intensely, this year. And, the idea that Mike Huckabee is not as or more familiar with and responsible to principle as have been most all of the candidates and elected presidents since I was a boy, is ridiculous!


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Stephen R. Maloney said...

Bulletin: Actor Chuch Norris, known nationally as "Walker, Texas Ranger," had endorsed Mike Huckabee. Norris is a strong supporter of prayer in public schools (which is unlikely to become law in the U.S., but is a very good idea).

steve maloney

As to Gary Bauer, I met him many years in Chicago, and I've always had great respect for him. He is what is known in politics as a REALIST. He realizes that certain things are achievable in politics while some things (national ban on abortion, making marriage a national issue rather than a state one) are not achievable. All Christian conservatives can learn a lot from Gary's realistic -- and courageous -- stand on the presidential nominees. Like Gary, I intend to support the Republican nominee -- the reason being in part that if we have eight years of a far-left Democratic President many conservative issues will become no more than fond memories. Larry apparently disagrees with me on that point, but I'm at a loss to explain why.


Stephen R. Maloney said...

P.S. I'm sure Larry joins me in thanking "Ambiva" for devoting so much of her fine blog to one of the recent debates I had with Larry. You can find her column at