Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lowry Eats His Words About Huckabee

On the last post, Steven Maloney first cited Rich Lowry’s article, “What’s Wrong With The Huckabee Campaign, citing no money, no profile, and no message. “Huck? Aw, Be Real. “

Lowry just now cited today’s Rasmussen tracking poll, posting the below at The Corner - , “Huck Rising.” Lowry did omit a suitable, “Oops! My bad!” Bill O’Reilly has has a running dinner bet with Dick Morris, that Huckabee would never reach 10% in a national poll. I’m sure Morris will be on the phone for O’Reilly, today

In a second comment, Maloney also wrote, “There's abundant evidence that many evangelicals prefer the candidacy of Rudy…” Maloney’s been smoking his socks. If he were in my town, I’d be betting him dinner. Republicans in Iowa are heavily social conservative. Giuliani will have to do magic and spend a lot of money to get out of single digits in the Iowa Caucuses.

Anyway, check out Rich Lowry’s message, today:

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Huck Rising [Rich Lowry]

Huckabee fans like the latest Rasmussen track. E-mail:

I’m sure you’ve already been sent the information, but Mike Huckabee hit 10% nationally today in the Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking poll. That’s only 2% behind Romney and 4% behind McCain, and only 11% out of the lead. Is he in 5th place? Sure. But the new number shows two things:1) He is consistently rising in the polls, both nationally and in Iowa

2) The Republican race is genuinely up for grabs.

Also, he is on pace to raise more money online in the month of October than he did in the 3Q for all fundraising. If the knock on him has always been money and name recognition, then he seems to be overcoming those handicaps. I mean, he’s spent less than $2 million, compared to Romney’s $52 million, and is only 2% behind him in the national poll, and only 7 % behind him in Iowa, according to Rasmussen.

Hey, even I could write a speech for him on this one!

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