Friday, October 26, 2007

Money And The Campaign Ahead

OK, I just wanted to get this note up. The momentum slowed markedly after working hours, last night, and the mark of one million dollars raised online in October was not reached last night, as I predicted.This morning, we are near $780,000. The night before last and yesterday morning, the number was mounting at a more rapid pace. Still, in about a day, the number raised online doubled the previous 25 days,. But at even a much slower pace, the million dollar mark will be reached in the 5 days

Look at it this way: On his budget to date, Huckabee has only gained in national and early state polls. His budget will be greatly enhanced henceforward. He would have been competitive if he had only continued to gain at the established pace. He will gain, faster. Not only because of his budget, but because of the recognition and focus that will come in the next couple of months.

The hurdle will be the attacks that I am certain are to come from Romney. So, keep the dollars coming in. When those attacks come, Huckabee will have some 'splainin' to do. Time and space for that will require money: the more the better.

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