Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Brief Statement Of Why I Like Mike Huckabee

This is my brief statement of the main reason that I like Mike Huckabee for President Of The United States:

I am a conservative and have been all of my life. Republicans should aggressively dissociate theirs from simple caricatures of conservatism, like selfishness, indifference, and ethnic hostility. The Republican Party was introduced in a rebuke to human inequality, after all. Mike Huckabee recognizes these human essentials AND the value, productivity and innovation of freedom and free markets. These values should not be in tension, but in balance.

There are conservative groups who have criticized Mike Huckabee because he has spoken to groups traditionally dominated by Democrats, he acknowledges the concerns of average people, and as governor he even dared to sign tax bills to fund the needs and responsibilities of his state. Is America so focused through media on the federal government that people who call themselves conservatives can no longer distinguish between what is necessary and proper for state vs. federal government?

The Club For Growth has been so aggressive in their criticism of Governor Huckabee that I can only account it to either complete ignorance in this regard or to a vested interest in a competing candidate. And none of those other candidates is more tethered to principle than Mike Huckabee.

And Mike Huckabee will tell you that the interests of freedom and compassion are not his invention. They are the dictates of his faith in a God who gave us both freedom and responsibility at the same time. It is always typical in politics to quickly question a candidate’s honesty. Recognizing Mike Huckabee’s submission to God, it is much easier to see through those sorts of criticisms from either right or left. But Mike will also tell you that like anyone else, he needs to be held to account. America should ask honest questions and demand honest answers. I see honest, more than calculated answers from Mike Huckabee.

Today, we face a unique global threat. The primary responsibility of the federal government is maintaining a security which makes everything else possible. I like Mike Huckabee because I have not seen a deceiver, putting ambition above principle. He can lead America to be more safe, prosperous and civil.


Stephen R. Maloney said...

I find your statements about Mike Huckabee to be almost invariably on target. He is a very fine man. He's the kind of younger Republican that the Party should be doing everything in its power to advance -- along with Gov. Sarah Palin (whose son joined the U.S. Army on 9/11/2007), Michael Steele of MD, Heather Wilson of NM, Bobby Jindal of La., and Diana Lynn Irey of PA). The answer to solving America's problems -- "and they are many" to quote a famous Pittsburgher -- is not just to focus on one man or woman.

You've recommended George Will's piece on Fred Thompson. I've been a critic of George Will for more than 30 years; however, his essay on Fred Thompson is accurate. Thompson's presence in the race makes it more difficult for Mike to gain the "critical mass" he needs to challenge Rudy Giuliani for the nomination. As you know, I believe Mike and Rudy are (by far) the best candidates we have for the nomination. I'm endorsing both of them, which as a friend pointed out, means I'm endorsing neither. Frankly, if the Republican Party is to have a real future, people like Mike must continue advancing and building support. I do not support Fred Thompson for much of anything right now.

Okay, after 9/11, Fred Thompson announced "now [then] is not the time to leave" the U.S. Senate. Shortly afterwards, he left. He is portraying himself as an American patriot. The problem is that he left the Senate to take a very, very lucrative role on "Law and Order" (called by some conservatives "Law and Odor"). That program is run by Richard Wolf, who is a notorious anti-American. All the Law & Order shows continually present the military and American political leaders as regularly evil. Thompson has not yet explained his bad decision to appear on the series. He should.

steve maloney

Jim Tomasik said...

I also agree that your statements are on target.

He is beyond preaching to the choir and has the ability to get a union endorsement which is unheard of for a Republican. He recognizes that there are many concervatives in the ranks of many union. Go Huckabee Go!

Jim Tomasik

Larry Perrault said...

Political veterans I talk to, including our man, Steve, above, say that barring a major gaffe by Demcrats, Republicans have virtually no chance in 08. History has demonstrated that I don't understand what, especiallt marginal voters are thinking. And, that is still true: I don't understand what goes through the mind of someone who thinks that Democrats in power bades well for the country.

I understand that the insobriety of Republicans in power, put people off: But, I can't understand how that translates into support for Democrats. I just don't comprehend that language.

The best I can do is to imagine that the average voter pays so little attention that he/she simply doesn't know what he/she's doing. If you can't revive faith in The Republican Party, the answer to me would seem to be to vote for neither Republicans OR Democrats.

I don't have to do that because I discern character in Mike Huckabee. I can't imagine such a person winning the Democratic nomination,but I'd vote for a Democrat in whom I discerned such character before a Republican who evidenced none. And, bear in mind that I have never voted for a Democrat in my life!

Even in such an extreme case, I would probably appreciate their intentions even though I rarely agreed with their prescriptions.

For instance, I'd vote for a pro-life Democrat before a "pro-choice" Republican. I believe a pro-life disposition that is fully embraced by the American people, spells ultimate collapse for civil American society. I recently heard that Alan Keyes announced his candidacy, today. I supported Alan Keyes for the Republican nomination in 1996 and 2000. Honestly, today I can't understand what he's thinking. I have some investigating to do...

ThinkAware said...
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