Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mike Huckabee Plans A "Vertical Day" To Engage America, Mon., Sept 24

September 22, 2007 - 11:06 AM

Vertical Day - Monday, Sept. 24

by Mike Huckabee

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Everywhere I go on the campaign trail, I meet voters with a real thirst for a healthy discussion of the issues. Ultimately, people don't care whether an issue comes from the left or the right. What they want to talk about are ideas that lift America up and make us better. It's what I call "Vertical Politics."

On Monday, our campaign has set aside 24 hours, for what we are calling a "Vertical Day". The focus of Vertical Day will be a discussion of the most important issues facing America. The plan is to promote my positions on these issues through video and personal blogs, and to have an online conversation with voters about our ideas, the solutions we see possible, our hopes for America and the challenges we face.

I'd like you to be a part of Vertical Day. I encourage you to tell your friends, family members and co-workers about it and ask them to participate. Vertical Day will start on Monday, September 24 and end on Tuesday, Sept. 25. I'm excited about this opportunity. With your help, and the power of the Internet, we will be able to involve thousands of voters all across America and truly build excitement around this discussion of issues.

To encourage you to make the time to be a part of Vertical Day, my campaign team has put together an incentive package that I hope will be fun and also create buzz and excitement. First, we've created a special Vertical Day page on our website, where you can view the 24 hours of online content we have pulled together.

We also have created a very simple online tool that will give you the ability to promote Vertical Day to your friends, family members and co-workers. We've developed a package of rewards based upon the number of people you are able to get to visit the website. As a way to cap off Vertical Day, we'll enter the names of each of our top promoters into a raffle. On Tuesday, September 25 at 3 p.m., we will draw two names who will receive special invitations to be my personal guests to the YouTube Debate on November 28 in St. Petersburg, FL.

I will have more details for you soon. In the meantime, please mark Monday, Sept. 24 down on your calendars.


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Stephen R. Maloney said...

I wrote today about why I won't endorse Mike Huckabee, although I was very complimentary about his efforts to elevate the debate in the Christian community and in the nation as a whole. I only rarely (it has happened!) endorse and politically support candidates that I believe can win elections. I adhere to that general principle because of all the energy, money, and emotion that goes into a losing campaign. I believe it's better to devote the efforts to a candidate who has a chance of achieving victory. I've enjoyed very much the exchanges with supporters of Mike, who have by far the best Blog Campaign. He's a relatively young man with a good message -- a better message actually than some of his supporters may assume -- and he obviously has a future in national politics. I look forward to working with evangelicals and others interested in electing the "Best Available Candidate." I hope in 2012 or 2016 we can all coalesce around the candidacy of Gov. Sarah Heath Palin. Best regards to all.


Steve Maloney

Stephen R. Maloney said...

oops, I meant that "can't" win elections.