Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Momentous Choice For America/Dr. Laurence White's Letter About Abortion

Mike Huckabee's campaign blog has a letter posted today, from Dr. Laurence White, pastor Houston’s Our Savior Lutheran Church. The letter is titled, “This Election Cannot Bee About Electability.” The urgency of “electability” is what we hear on so many fronts, unfortunately even among our supposed Christian leaders. But, I sincerely believe that though I disagree with almost all of their policy proposals, the election of a Democrat will not damage America as much as a continued flaccidity about the respect for the sanctity of life in American leaders.

This year The Republican Party not only advances candidates who are feeble in their resolve and ability, the supposed “leading” candidate for the only pro-life American political party, outwardly displays that he has no conception of the problem. If The Republican Party is going to surrender this literally vital disposition to the cultural confusion, there is no reason to expect that it is going to swim back to us against the currents. If you think there is a tough job now, wait until no political establishment holds any basic standard out above self-interest? We will have reduced a great cultural moral struggle to a back-alley game of craps.

Here is the comment I left at the Huckabee web site, followed by Dr. White’s letter:

Dr. Laurence White is one of the most traveled and pointed pro-life speakers in the country. He is the prime speaking option for pro-life forums in Texas.

In fact, I visited his Lutheran church when we moved into this area of Houston, now many years ago. I voted for him as a delegate from our congressional district to the Republican National Convention many years ago.

Dr. White was kind enough to address sanctity of life rally that myself and a friend put together at our church facility in 2005.

I always make the point to emphasize what is implied by Dr. White's statement that the condoning of abortion is destroying America's soul. A culture that fully digests the idea that the lives of its own offspring are matters of its convenience is sick unto death.

With what can we presume to trust such a people? The "me first" disposition will corrupt everything from ordinary commerce to simple neighborly responsibility. And it won't require an obvious turn. Putting self at the center is simply the standard disposition.

Dr. White is right. We need to restore the hearts of the people. Many of our candidates don't really have resolve about the sanctity of life. Many who do, haven't the facility to inspire the nation. That's what sets Mike Huckabee apart. He has the empathy for every human to engage and lead from the platform of the presidency. I'm not primarily endorsing the reflection of MY FEELINGS. I'm encouraging the prospect of actually bringing some healing to our ailing culture. My vote isn't for my own pride. It's for the vitality of our society.

September 08, 2007 - 11:18 AM
This Election Cannot Be About Electability
By Dr. Laurence White

After months of coy flirting and media maneuvering former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson has finally admitted that he is running for president. He made it official - in a manner completely consistent with his style over substance approach to date - on the Jay Leno Show rather than the New Hampshire Presidential Candidate Debate held the same night. CNN reports today that on his first official day of campaigning in Iowa, the core of his pitch was electability - he’s the man who can beat Hillary Clinton. (CNN “Thompson: I Can Stop Hillary Clinton” Thursday, September 6th, 2007) My response, as a Christian conservative who is deeply concerned about the future of this country, is “So what?” Beating Hillary Clinton is not good enough at this critical moment in America’s history. Thirty-four years into an abortion holocaust that has produced the slaughter of nearly fifty million defenseless infants we need more than an election victory. We need to transform American culture and put an end to abortion.

For years we have foolishly heeded the counsel of pragmatists who have advised us to be realistic and settle for Republican establishment candidates who promised us by and large pro-life judiciary appointments in return for our support. These guys don’t see abortion as a crucial factor in
America’s future. They say as much about being “Pro-Life” as they have to pacify us during the primaries. But once they have been nominated they promptly head for the safety of the Center. After they are elected the same pattern prevails as abortion and the other controversial “social issues” are relegated to the back burner. That’s the way “politics as usual” works in this country. In the meantime the little ones continue to die and with them the soul of America is dying. The establishments of both of our political parties are complacent and corrupt. They care only for the continuation and expansion of their own power. There is no possibility of ending abortion as long as Christians are content to continue to play “politics as usual.”

God doesn’t give a damn (literally!) about which party or candidate wins the next election. The blood of the innocents cries out to Him for justice from the soil of
America. The day is coming soon when He will heed that cry and when He does, woe to us and to our country. We Christians can no longer be satisfied with the crumbs that fall from the politician’s table. Certainly, some good justices and judges have been appointed. But America has been going to Hell in the meantime. If the Supreme Court were to overturn Roe vs. Wade today its decision would be completely un-enforceable. In a country where sex is recreation and procreation is an inconvenience to my personal pleasure, abortion is a practical necessity. We who bear the name of Christ have got to change the culture. More Christians must engage in the decisions that shape our society. We must participate in that process not as Republicans or Democrats but as sons and daughters of the Lord Jesus Christ. Politics is the art of the possible but Christianity is the art of the impossible. Christians must stop settling for the lesser of two evil as we choose our candidates. An establishment Republican who will do nothing to stop abortion is no better to us than a liberal Democrat. What happens to our economy or even to our national security in the face of terrorism won’t make any difference if we cannot stop abortion. This single issue will determine the future of America. “I Can Stop Hillary!” So what! Can you stop abortion?



Michigan Redneck said...

This is a great letter post. thanks for posting it. I will try to leave a link to it. My computer is acting weird.

Larry Perrault said...

Dr. White's letter itself, is posted on the Huckabee blog. Thanks for coming by. I was in the Detroit area from ages 11-20, and have been back many times. I've been up to Taverse City,Petosky, Harbor Springs and Roger City. But I've never been to the UP.

I have MS and walk a hundred yards or two with a walker, then need a rest. For more extended walking/mingling, I take an electric wheelchair. The UP wouldn't be real big for wheelchair accesibility, would it?

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Stephen R. Maloney said...

Larry, as time goes on I tend to eviscerate Dr. White and his maudlin nonsense. Calling the unborn "infants" is an improper use of words. I suggest you buy Dr. White a dictionary (English language) for Christmas. What on God's green earth has Dr. White (whom I presume drives a Lexus) done to influence one abortion or encourage one adoption? It is a serious question, and it deserves a serious answer.

Does Dr. White believe life ends at birth? If not, what exactly is he doing for the millions of children, born children, living in terrible situations. If the answer is "not much," it would not surprise me.

Politics is not theology. The U.S. is not a theocracy. It is a republic and a representative democracy.

You say the following: "But, I sincerely believe that though I disagree with almost all of their [Democrat's] policy proposals, the election of a Democrat will not damage America as much as a continued flaccidity about the respect for the sanctity of life in American leaders."

If you're into flaccidity about the sanctity of life, please look in the mirror. Will Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Obama advance the sanctity of life? Actually, they will appoint the younger pro-abortion judges they can find.

That will enable you to spend the rest of your life bemoaning the lack of concern for sanctity of life in America.

Respect for the sanctity of life does not mean cutting off your nose to spite your face. It means doing the best you can. If that "best" is only a little, then it beats doing nothing, which is what the celebration of Mrs. Clinton's election is.

In the 1950s and 1960s when the foundation was being set for Roe v. Wade where were the Dr. Whites of the time? And if they were nowhere to be found, exactly whose fault is it that Roe passed so easily (7-2).

I shall have more to say about Dr. White and his ilk.

steve maloney

Larry Perrault said...


Usually its the extremes of liberalism and conservatism who speak darkly of the consciences of other people and talk about "ilks" and such. But, there you sit in the middle talking about people who care about principles. That's terruibly in effective in addition to being aggressive and insulting.

I don't know what Dr. White's other pursuits are and I don't know or care what kind of car he drives. You caricature people very easily and hastily. I only knopw that Dr. White is very serious and sober, and a relative scholar among pastors.

Your talk might be a little dismaying to him, but especially as you tinge it, it would not accomplish a thing. But worse than that, you talk like that to me, who KNOWS him, and knows better than your jaded cynicism. If you would talk like that to most people, they will tell you to hang it in your ear, however politely, and I've seen that they have. I'll just tell you to be a little more judicious and empathetic, instead of impetuously painting people into pigeon-holes.

Let me give you an example: You contacted me with with a n interest in Sarah Palin, which to me looked like a good, reasonable, and positive effort. If you don't care how people react to you personally, that's one thing. But, you hurt your case for Sarah Palin when you talk disparagingly like that. I'm inclined to think that Sarah Palin has a lot to be said for her, and you are just a little impertinent about some things. But many people will wonder if her apologists are so cynical and disparaging, maybe birs of a feather...It isn't fair to the causes you speak for.

Just speaking of myself, I have told you that I wil in no case support a man to be America's chief executive and the standard bearer for The Republican Party who hasn't a clue about republican (small "r") principle, either for the Republican nomination nor as the nominee for The Republican Party. The Republican Party who puts such a person at the head of a national ticket has earned abandonment. I not only won't support him but I will fervently HOPE that The Republican Party loses and learns a lesson about such grave foolishness. I'll keep my blog alive to campaign against him in the general election.

I am well aware of how bitter and jaundiced you can get about people you disagree with. I've never lied to or in any way tried to deceive you. I'll just leaveit to you to decide if your mind can deal with the fact of honest disagreement, which I'll tell you is the first key to building coalitions with other people. I have worked very hard in the past few years to be aware first that I may consider someone mistaken, though honestly so.

It's monumental irony that you begin your disparagement of Dr. White, whom you clearly don't know, by refering to his "nonsense." "Nonsense" is a kind way of referring to this sort of ignorant unkindness.

You know, I regret it, but a lot of evangelical Christians will vote for Rudy Giulian if they feel forced to in the general election (I know them). Some will even support him for the nomination because they (mistakenly) think he has the best chance of beating a Democrat.

I don't think electing a Democrat is to be feared more than standing aside while The Republican Party flushes its principles down the cultural drain. If they let that (literally) vital principle go, the Republican political strategists will no longer feel any necessity to adhere to it. I'm thinking they would be heading the way of the slavery -condoning Whigs and would well deserve the same fate: better The Republican Part perish than The United States.