Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mitt Romney's Open Letter, McCain's Early State Musing, And Hucckabee's Real Clear Politics Interview

Mitt Romney published an open letter in yesterday’s New Hampshire (Manchester) Union Leader and today’s Roll Call. Romney's open letter to GOP: 'Our government is failing us' - On ...

In it, he says we are spending too much money…???

What was that about the pot and the kettle, again?...

John McCain says he’s seeing enthusiasm in New Hampshire and South Carolina, but in Iowa he has work to do: McCain: Upbeat on Iowa, NH, 'straight' about SC

Ron Paul is seeing enthusiasm I all three states: Just, not enough to win. Mike Huckabee would have to blow it in Iowa and South Carolina to lose to McCain. And, in New Hampshire they both have Romney and Giuliani to beat. After losing in Iowa, McCain should fall in New Hampshire and South Carolina. Yep. He has a lot of work to do. So does Thompson: as of today, the early states look like a Romney-Giuliani-Huckabee story.

Mike Huckabee’s Interview with Real Clear Politics Mike Huckabee: The RCP Interview discusses winning straw polls while trailing in national polls, fundraising progress, foreign policy and fiscal conservative critics like The Club For Growth.

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