Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dr. Laurence White - This Election Cannot Be About Electability

Tuesday morning, the Huckabee campaign again posted the letter of Dr. Laurence White on its blog. Last time, I posted it here, but this time I’ll just leave the link and hope the message gets to a few social conservatives who contemplate support for Giuliani, McCain, or Thompson (You may believe Romney - I don't), none of whom will pass their term as president having done anything to relieve America of the socially poison practice and countenance of “legal” abortion, or even to move the American consciousness to recognize th urgent social disrepair that it comprises.
When I posted it last time, a commenter ignorantly tore into the character and motivation of Dr. White. I know Dr. White and have worked with him in this cause, and I know of the patent ignorance and irresponsibility of such charges. In recent years, I have striven to pursue what I believe is right without personal anger and disparagement of the character or intellect of those who differ. But, an ignorant and vulgar attack like that, made my blood boil.
Just look at the letter and consider that America is well entrenched into a mortal social sickness. What, at this point can be done? Mike Huckabee is the only candidate will both the will and the ability make America conscious of the problem and lead it away from it, without spite and acrimony.
This ability is also the reason that he can lead our country in other positive directions and why he is the ablest Republican to bring to the general election. But, this problem, by itself, highlights the urgency of America’s precarious social situation.
To that commenter, you have my email address if you cannot contain your bile. But, spare this blog the mess of that vomit, this time.


Stephen R. Maloney said...

I've posted a comment on Gov. Huckabee's blog about Dr. Laurence White. I don't know whether it will get printed. I've probably written enough about Dr. White, whose is a thoroughly evil man. In his essay "God and Caesar," White compared America to Nazi Germany, saying the following:

"America finds itself today in the midst of a moral catastrophe. We have cast aside the most basic standards of human decency. We have broken marriages and fractured families. Our youth are losing their way and often their lives in a maze of alcohol and drugs. We live in the midst of a culture that mistakes lust for love and tolerates the vilest perversions as acceptable alternate lifestyles while pestilence stalks the land. Our public schools have become facilitators for fornication and procurers for the abortionists knife. America has sown the wind of immorality and we are reaping the whirlwind of destruction and death. We have degenerated into a nation rolling in luxury, reveling in excess, rollicking in pleasure, revolting in morals, and rotting in sin. Personal responsibility, duty and honor have been abandoned in our mindless pursuit of instant gratification for our every desire."


People who agree with Dr. White should not spend time blogging for Mike. Rather, if things were anywhere near as bad as he says, the proper response would be to engage in violent revolution.

Dr. White's extremist comments are the kind that influence "pro-life-killers" like Eric Rudolph and Paul Hill.

Why is an attractive and articulate candidate like Mike Huckabee polling on a dismal 4% in the latest national polls? I fear it's because many Americans somehow associate Mike and his cause with the Dr. Whites of the world.

The Huckabee campaign made a major mistake in posting White's vicious screed against America. The country is not about to elect anyone who has a deep loathing for this country.

steve maloney

Sophie said...

Mike Huckabee lovesAmerica and says so. And, so does Dr. White. They both work to save it from the consequences of moral drift. Perhaps at this point, you are too old to distinguish the simple rhetorical distinction between comparisons of logic and subjects in an analogy. I know people who mildly resemble the kind of anti-abortion people you speak of, and Dr. White is not one of them...not even close.

I don't burst into your home spewing curse of your family and friends. Of course I don't. I don't even know them. And, you don't know Dr. White. I can forgive your ignorance. But, your untempered rudeness is a problem.

"I've probably written enough about Dr. White, who(se) is a thoroughly evil man." Thank you for introducing me to Sarah Palin. I won't hold any association with you against her. But, kindly spare this forum further tainting by your ugly nonsense. You've said enough about Dr. White? I've said enough to you and you seem beyond learning the slightest of graces. Good luck to you and try not to smear good people by your association with them.