Monday, November 12, 2007

About The Previous Post And Other Provocations

J. Ritterbush at has written another response to all the accusations that Huckabee is a tax-hiker. You can go here to read the entire article. As I said before, it is clear to me that The Club for Growth and its “Tax Hike Mike” campaign are just acting as mercenary attack dogs with an ulterior motive of contributor(s) or in the interest of another candidate. They couldn’t possibly be as stupid or ignorant as their attacks plainly are if you honestly look at the actual record. They now have zero credibility with me.

A comment on the last post got me to thinking about some things I thought merited mention. Usually I think that because a matter is too rarely discussed by anyone.

Something I saw yesterday was really striking. I have already written that I think that New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson is perhaps the most serious and sober among the Democrat candidates for president, but has had to throw out the most extreme, “I want all American personnel out of Iraq in a year” rhetoric in hopes of attracting a little attention in the Democratic race.

Yesterday, Richardson appeared on FOX News Sunday and affirmed that that is still his position. When Chris Wallace asked how he could say that in light of the evidence that the violence is way down and the surge is working, Richar5dson could only say “…I don’t believe that the surge is working.” It’s pathetic what that party is demanding of people and it must be painful to be forced to defend these ridiculous ideas.

Joe Lieberman gave a speech last week that described the progress in Iraq and described the Democrats (Lieberman of courser, is a longtime Democrat and 2000 VP candidate who lost his party’s re-nomination in 2006 when he had the audacity to support the effort in Iraq against Islamic extremists, but won reelection running as an Independent) as “vested in a policy of defeat and withdrawal. I can’t find a video of it, yet. Major traditional media didn’t even report the story. The New York Times put the report of the dramatic reduction in violence…ON PAGE EIGHT!

Remember again, Senator Lieberman was the Democrats’ candidate in 2000. He’s still a liberal, but he has a very inconvenient trait in Democratic politics: a conscience. But, here’s Lieberman’s own account of his speech:

Senator Joe Lieberman: News Release

Here are other accounts of recent Iraq news

Iraq: Sharp Drop in Rocket, Mortar Fire

If It’s Good for the American People, Democrats Are Against It
North Star Writers Group, MI - 6 hours ago


Stephen R. Maloney said...

The fact that the U.S. is winning the conflict in Iraq is perhaps the most "inconvenient truth" (to coin a phrase) confronting the MSM and the Democrats. It should have a major influence on the election of 2008. In the past few days, I've put up a number of photos (with text) that describe what's really going on in Iraq. I urge everyone to visit and comment.

steve maloney

Larry Perrault said...


I took a look at your blog, for the first time in a little while. This information is so much more constructive and worthwhile than the derisive and ignorant claptrap about people that you don't know and the misguided hawking of Rudy Giuliani.

Thos os actually material that I would be happy for people to look over.

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