Friday, November 30, 2007

Star Parker: The unfair rap against Mike Huckabee

Star Parker: The unfair rap against Mike Huckabee

Star Parker explains how the attacks against Huckabee are inaccurate and unfair. As she did in her original announcement of support for Huckabee, Parker concedes that there is some legitimacy to the complaints, before saying much of it is illegitimate. I’ve always loved Star Parker and have been to a few pro-life banquets where she spoke. Her article has the signal qualification of being sincere. However, her concessions still bear the great liability of being inaccurate. I will excerpt the paragraph in which she allows these, concessions, insert corrections, and then discuss what Huckabee is guilty of, if you still want to call it guilt. I don’t, incidentally.

There's some justification, of course, to these labels. Huckabee invites them when he expresses reservations about free trade, which he does,

fair trade. That is, imported goods should be subject to the same safety standards as the American products they will compete with. And by the way, if a Fair Tax were implemented, the tax/subsidy inequity would be eliminated: imbedded taxes would be eliminated from American products, and the sales tax would apply equally>

when he talks about energy independence, which he does,

It’s more than unclear how talking about energy independence translates to big-government, unless you reflexively translate to government regulation of private interests, which liberals almost always do and many conservatives appear to reflexively fear. But, Huckabee has proposed no such thing. From what he has said, I would speculate that the extent of government involvement that Huckabee would offer would be tax incentives for the achievement of energy alternatives in which private industry might invest. The development of alternative energy technologies not only seeks cleaner energy production but enhanced national security. As Huckabee says, we could tell Middle Eastern oil producers that their oil is no more important to us than their sand. Incidentally, Huckabee supports expanded domestic oil exploration in the interim.

…and when he endorses ideas such as a nationally mandated ban on smoking in public places.

I’ve been over this: Huckabee never introduced such an idea. At Lance Armstrong’s cancer forum, while discussing the law passed in Arkansas, Chris Matthews asked Huckabee if he would sign a smoking ban as president, if Congress put one on his desk. Huckabee said he would, but NOT as an intervention in places like bars and restaurants (he later explained that that would (implied improperly) impose on the public. But, rather he would endorse it as an OSHA sort of workplace safety regulation. In a world where the federal government has (unconstitutionally, but nevertheless) assumed a liability for an enormous bill for health care services. To discourage poor diet, inactivity, and smoking is just bare economic prudence, beyond the potential life benefits.

But read Star Parker’s article. She’s a good lady. I want to write something about how a conventional approach to information is leaving ole political hands behind the ordinary person who can and will scour the Internet.


Vote For Hillary Online said...

If the list of candidates to choose from was a line of port-o-potties outside a concert, Huckabee would be the one overflowing with diarrhea.
If you want a real candidate with real values, then you want Hillary Clinton. Just trust me.

Your Jewish Master said...

Good post
Huckabee will be President. He truly fits the mold, in so many ways. I don't see the majority of Americans voting for the Mayor of New York City, or a northeastern Governor (or a democrat, either).

Vote For Hillary Online Troll - How could anyone possible take your comment seriously? What a deep, and meaningful analogy you have drawn.

Nathaniel Matychuk said...

The criticisms of Huckabee are incredibly hypocritical and disingenuous. Portraying him as a, government first, big Fed, protectionist, war monger fundamentalist is what everyone has been trying to do. However, despite this media push to discredit Huckabee, I would like to draw notice to his jump in fundraising and his stellar fundraising; both tell the true story. Huckabee has successfully defined himself in the eyes of his supporters, the most important thing you can do is getting an unwavering and substantial support base who will spread the word of mouth endorsements like wildfire.

Your Jewish Master said...

"despite this media push to discredit Huckabee"

Such attention lends to the fear of his winability (is that a word?)

Larry Perrault said...

Oh, sure. I can tell by your writing style. There's just something. I can't quite say what. But, it tells me that I should just shut my mind down, and trust you...NOT!

Your Jewish Master said...

"But, it tells me that I should just shut my mind down, and trust you...NOT!"

Is this the "not" OFFense? ;)

Larry Perrault said...

I've been hit with that, before. It's SPAM. I'm sure it's smeared all over the blogosphere. I wopnder how many imbeciles have been turned on to Hillary.

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