Tuesday, November 13, 2007

See This Short Video: What We Need/We Just Need To Do The Right Thing

This video was posted at the campaign blog, today: What We Need

One of the friends that I sent it to responded…” Thank you Larry, I agree completely! I truly hope he wins....I will forward this to friends...”

I answered with these comments about what forces were at work:

Thanks. I honestly think that the battle is in the early states. In Iowa, conservative Christians like Huckabee. In a vacuum, he would win, especially after he has aired some television ads. What’s working against Huckabee is ironically, the people that should be for him. The old guard social conservatives like him, but they are so tuned to the conventional media that they don’t have confidence in the work that Huckabee has done and what he has accomplished in the early states. How much will their neglect persuade people who like Huckabee to not vote for him? Prominent talk-radio host Hugh Hewitt has been declaring that it’s really a two-man race and any social conservative who votes for Huckabee or Thompson is taking a vote from Romney and in effect voting for Giuliani. He even went so far as to say that supporters of McCain and Giuliani are working for Huckabee and Thompson to derail Giuliani.

That’s an interesting thought, but it has crossed over into delusion when he says he thinks that’s what Giuliani and McCain did at the Ames Straw Poll in August to give Huckabee a strong showing. Giuliani and McCain passed on competing in the Ames Straw Poll and snubbed Iowa Republicans, obviously because they knew that they couldn’t win by trying. And, EVERONE knows that that didn’t sit too well with Iowa voters. Huckabee’s success at that straw poll was simple straight-up face-to-face engagement and persuasion.

Voters just need to ignore what they always thought were their “leaders,” which is now an especially inapt word because the “leaders” are really followers. And they aren’t even following their constituents but the faithless winds of the popular culture. People can now do all of their own investigation and should. You can access information in any form on the Internet and weight it and see what you like for yourself.

Anyway, if Huckabee does well in the early states, I’m sure he’ll do just fine in Texas.



Stephen R. Maloney said...

When I read the following in E. M. Zanotti's The American Princess blog, I immediately thought of you. She had the YouTube where Mike basically was asking the Arkanas legislature to send him tax increases.

"Okay, so this one is worse than the last one by far, especially since the rumors have been wandering around for months that Huckabee is a "compassionate Conservative" in the vein of George W. Bush, imperiling his campaign even as the Values Voters are piling on. Desperate to counter this charge, Huckabee has been attempting to convince voters that he had no choice, given his Democratic legislature, but to sign tax increase after tax increase, since veto overrides were all but certain. If that were true, wouldn't he be...uh...not going in front of a legislature asking them to send him tax increases? We're not really sure, but it seems pretty solid to expect him to at least try to avoid it.

Why does this in combination with the Values Voter endorsement basically terrify us? Because it sounds like people are trying to elect George W. Bush to a third term."

E. M. Zanotti is an important bloggers with younger women, especially those in the professions. Thought this might be fodder for a future column.


Larry Perrault said...

Thanks, Steve. I know the video and so does the campaign. I sent out an email today. I'll forward it to you.