Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More On Huckabee, Attacks, And Predictions

The blogger replied and I to his reply:

DMOnline said...

My gut tells me that Huckabee is peaking about 4 weeks too soon.

I fully expect him to come under fire in tonight's debate. That fire will primarily be coming from Romney but also a bit from McCain & Thompson. Rudy will likely hold his fire unless Huckabee goes after him. It's in Rudy's best interest to see Huckabee do well in IA. But that's it. Then he needs to be stopped.

Since evangelicals make up the overwhelming majority of those who participate in IA caucuses, doing well there is a natural for Huckabee. The questions are, will any mud stick and has he simply peaked too soon? It's too bad this isn't New Years Day.

But Huckabee's surge in IA also points out a very real problem for Romney most don't want to mention. He's a Mormon - not a Southern Baptist. Or even just a Methodist for that matter. For religious conservatives, Huckabee offers a viable alternative to Romney with whom they may not feel entirely comfortable.

As for Florida, Rudy has built a substantial firewall there. Barring the unforeseen, Rudy will win Florida and much of the February 5 contests.


November 28, 2007 7:20 PM

Larry Perrault said...

One might well ask if Huckabee is peaking to soon, especially in the context of a contest where the popular culture barely registered him on the map a few months ago. But objectively speaking, it is quite reasonable to ask why we would think he is "peaking," which implies 1) that his ascent has reached an apex, and 2) that he will decline henceforward. What God said either of those things?

Yes, the mud is sure to come and the question is whether it will stick. From my perspective, if it does stick, then it was well thrown, because the formidable task, especially in today's open communications world is: to make a false attack stick. Whether that will happen is the true question. The matter of "peaking" is a reflexive question based on a the context of a mindset conditioned by pop-culture that has no factual substance behind it.

It WILL get ugly. Mitt Romney hasn't poured close to 25 million dollars into Iowa for nothing. And, the money-cons aren't going to sit still for a social conservative commandeering their party.


Andy Long said...

Huckabee is not peaking too soon at all! He is just setting the pace for the presidential race. Let's help him win this marathon.

I like Mike! To find out why this Iowa boy has pledged to donate 100% of my monthly profits to the Huckabee campaign, Click Here.

Lee said...

Peaking too soon? Considering the amount of money Huckabee has spent, and how much he is now raising, are we even seeing a peak yet?

A writer from Rolling Stone has written a piece, complete with the typical foul language that Rolling Stone writers use, noting that Huckabee is a nut case, while at the same time acknowledging that his combination of economic populism and evangelical Christianity might just be the ticket to the Republican nomination, especially since he seems to be able to attract religious right Christians who have not always been happy about having to accept the Republican party's all-out political assistance in helping the corporate wealthy legally steal our money, and who are getting fed up with the party's stonewalling of Christian social issues.

Huckabee's closing in on the Republican lead may be somewhat of a shame, in light of polls which show any of the five top Democrats easily defeating any of the top Republicans head to head, and with the gap between them widening, not narrowing. Nonetheless, it appears that the most recent former Governor of Arkansas may be one of the top two Republican candidates for the nomination, in spite of the fact that the party establishment will do everything in their power to stop him.

Larry Perrault said...

The party establishment certainly will do everything in their power to stop Huckabee. We ain't seen nothin', yet, in terms of attacks. Merry Christmas. At least, I suppose, it will be a little awkward for the money-cons to call Huckabee "the Grinch." :-)

So far, nothing's sticking with Iowa voters. They appear to be relying on their personal experience of the man. Because despite the attacks and all the traditional social conservative leaders announcing their endorsements of other candidates, Huckabee still does nothing but gain.

It will be delicious if God not only frustrates the money cons and forces the decision on THEM of whether they will support a nominee that they didn't hand pick. (one of those creepy Christian social conservatives... YIKES!), but also discredits those erstwhile social conservative "experts," so that their endorsements don't mean jack squat, anymore. We can learn way mopre on the web than we can from listening to their tired political "expertise." It has amazed me how far behind the curve these people are on what's happening.

By the way, Lee. Huckabee has passed Romney in Iowa in the last poll, this week. And, a Zogby poll came out that has FIVE Republican candidates beating Hillary Clinton; Huckabee by the widest margin. I'm telling you, Huckabee will draw Democratic votes, half ofwhom DON'T LIKE Hillary Clinton. I read the comments on the blogs regarding both of them.

Here is the email that I sent to Andy Long, yestetrday re" "peaking."


Thanks for coming by my blog, Stranger In A Foreign Land . I hope you are able to get the word out far and wide in Iowa, that Mike Huckabee, in addition to being a pro-life Christian, is a fiscal conservative and all of the attacks are false. I hope you saw Dick Morris’ “Huckabee Is A Fiscal Conservative,” today, and the Response to The Club for Growth posted at

Morris’article can be found on the web and linked through the campaign blog, too. I have gotten a couple of emails of it from Dick Morris.

There are also discussions of his tax/fiscal record in my and other blogs. I have listed links to Morris’ article and to blog responses to the fiscal conservative questions. There are others, too.

I hope with your contacts in the investment community, this information can be spread widely in Iowa and Huckabee can beat Romney soundly at the Caucuses. Surely, there must be Romney fatigue setting in for some, eh? Though I’m certain he has purchased some influential people lock, stock & barrel.