Wednesday, November 7, 2007

And Christians Call Them "Leaders"

Moses Demanded That Pharaoh “Let my people go.” Gideon took the meager hand he was given into an apparent mismatch against him. Paul followed his calling through beatings and imprisonment and ultimately martyrdom. With “leaders” like ours, is it any wonder the state that the Christian church has left American society in?

Paul Weyrich in his explanation of how he decided to endorse Mitt Romney, said that he thought it would come down to Romney and Giuliani, and he couldn’t endorse Giuliani. Of course, Pat Robertson did endorse Giuliani, explaining that Rudy is a proven leader and had promised to appoint judges in the mold of Roberts, Alito, and Scalia. What a dupe! Robertson endorses a man who does not understand the most fundamental dogma of America’s founding documents and of a civil society: the sanctity of human life. This he endorses to be the chief executive charged with protecting and defending The Constitution!

I assume Robertson’s parochial and anachronistic sense of politics had written Mike Huckabee off, though Huckabee has only gained all year and is poised to challenge Romney in Iowa, even without a scrap of help from his Christian brethren! Never mind asking where Robertson has left his faith in the unique potential of the truth when bravely carried. Anyway, in discussing the other options, Weyrich said,

"Huckabee, I came close to supporting him, and if we were running for some sort of religious organization, I would support him, but we're not. He has compromised on so many conservative issues, I simply can't be for him. Every time you turn around, he's taking the wrong stand on a different issue."

What wrong stands would that be, that I as a conservative of all prefixes have been unable to discern while watching the campaign extraordinarily closely all year?

In any case, one could hope that James Dobson might ultimately exercise more fidelity and better judgment. But, Phyllis Schlafly has already brandished her susceptibility to hearsay and Tony Perkins and Gary Bauer their ambiguity (obvious years ago, in his case) about the discernment, advocacy and pursuit of virtue. The lesson is that people should use the extraordinary information tools now at their disposal and do some thinking and praying for themselves, rather than relying on these amateur politicos and faithless Christian “leaders.”


OneMom said...

Amen Larry! Weyrich amazes me ... he accuses Gov. Huckabee of taking the wrong stand on every important issue (gee, life, family, marriage, freedom ... which one is wrong?), and yet he stands firmly with Romney who has changed his position on important issues so often in his political career that he probably needs someone to tell him what group he's talking to and remind him what position he holds at that moment.

Robertson annoys me greatly, but he is so incredibly irrelevant that I doubt in the big scheme of things this has done little more than give Giuliani a photo op. If anything, it may be driving people to Mike's campaign because Robertson's endorsement is so absurd!

Hope you are feeling better.


Family Mentors said...

I'm stunned to hear that Pat Robertson has chosen to support Gay marriage, abortion, illegal immigration and unrestrained tax increases by endorsing Giulani on the assumption that he would beat Hillary who would bring us Gay marriage, expanded abortion, illegal immigration "amnesty" and unrestrained tax increases to support her strange social agenda.

Our religious leaders have let us down. This evening, a pastor stated that Mitt Romney supports our values, and though Huckabee is better on those issues, he can't get the nomination.

To which I ask, "If grass roots social conservatives -- including Christians -- chose to rally around the guy they believe in instead of the guy the pundits and the priesthood believes will win, maybe the outcome could be changed.

How sad.

Larry Perrault said...


I pray your right. I just worry about people who don't pay much attention and think Giuliani will win, will just say, "Well, ig HE supports him, I guess it's OK." I never followed Robertson personally or politically. I don't want to dislike him, but he's pathetic.

Larry Perrault said...

Family Mentors

Exactly. These guys have had their noses in politics so long that they are hypnotized by the conventional wisdom. If Huckabee wins I hope their credibility drops farther and faster than it already has.

Eric said...

Huckabee will win and those guys will be sorry they abandoned him.