Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Stuff's On Other Huckabee Blogs

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, I have been paying very close attention to the progress of Mike Huckabee’s campaign all year: both activity on the ground of the campaign trail, and commentary on the World Wide Web. I started writing about the internal conflict among confessed conservatives, but I want to back up another step or two and consider what it is we mean with the terms “liberal” and “conservative” and what is distinctive about Mike Huckabee’s approach: something to get to work.

But in the past few days, the pace has picked up to the point that I can’t keep up. I recommend that you read this bog post at Evangelical Outpost, if you harbor any questions about Huckabee’s fiscal conservatism and The Club For Growth attacks, which plainly seem to me to have a motivation other than Mike Huckabee’s actual record.

October 30, 2007 - 06:40 PM

Evangelical Outpost: CFG Rebuttal

And, there are plenty of other good reports that can be found if you are watching the bloggers on the Huckabee blogroll. The number of Huckabee bloggers is growing like his poll numbers and contributions, and I haven’t kept up with the bottom half of them, either. But, here are some that I have kept track of for awhile, now. They will have current information about the waves that Mike Huckabee is making. I don’t agree with EVERYTHING that all of these bloggers emphasize, but they know an exceptional candidate when they see one. And, there is some good thinking and information among the others too, but these have been especially dedicated and active, posting several times a week, if not daily.

Mike Huckabee 2008 – This Huckabee blog was online pushing the idea of a Huckabee presidency well over a year before Mike declared, before any public consideration on his part and, needless to say, before any of the over 300 others.

MA For Huckabee – This blog is exceptionally active and up-to-date on the latest events of the campaign which today may be only hours or minutes old.

Illinois for Huckabee – This is a former government associate of Huckabbe’s.

Red Man Blue State – This larger site runs several blogs, one of which tracks Huckabee news.

Larry Perrault - This one is very interesting. The guy thinks a lot about the genesis of criticisms and possibilities for the campaign. And sometimes wanders off into tangential issues. Some people think he’s a little strange.

Michigan Redneck – This woman lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and has been very active and ardent about the campaign. Along the way, she expesses an interest in sewing and rockabilly music..

Huck 2008 – Keeps up with the latest issues with the campaign.

Kevin Tracy – He has been very active in following and encouraging the campaign, and particularly innovative in his contributions.

Mike Huckabee 08 – Has the good recent interview with Glenn Beck as one of his headers, and many of the most recent discussions, like another Club For Growth rebuttal.

SC 4 Huckabee – has a good short video amalgam up now, yesterday’s Stephanopolis Good Morning America interview video, plus Dick Morris’ report of the Huckabee Bommlet.

Steven Nielson – Thoughts about campaigns, both general and specific.

One Mom – very active, zealous and up-to-date.

A Buck For Huck – now passes through the old site to Rett Hatcher’s personal site, which Thursday posted an extended discussion of developments in the Christian community, including statements from Rick Warren and Thursday’s endorsement by Rick Scarborough of Vision America.

Save Talk Radio – Fiscal Conservative with comments on fiscal conservative critics and active at the recently launched web site.

No Kool Aid Zone – Byron is a pastor who muses on other cultural occurrences, but notes important campaign developments.

think.aware – Treva is a young woman with young daughters that she home schools. She writes about that and conservatism, and about Mike Huckabee specifically, who is a home schooling supporter and was endorsed long ago by Homeschool: HSLDA-Home School Legal Defense Association:

The Maritime Sentry – the Romans follow the campaign and adorn their blog with quotes from America’s founders.


Christian said...

I just wanted to thank you for all you do for Mike Huckabee and all you do to help push for the other bloggers out there...including me.
I love your summaries and impressions of what others are doing...and even noticed your personal and comical jab at yourself. Rest assured, we don't find you "strange".

Michigan Redneck said...

Thank you for the mention. It's nice to have a nice community of bloggers come together for one cause, the cause of getting Mike Huckabee the Republican nom, then onto the Presidency!

Larry Perrault said...

Christian: Your blog is an important one in this effort. I was conservative before "conservatism" needed adjectives ot prefixes, and the so-called "fiscal conservative criticisms of Huckabee are tiresome: either ignorant or motivated by something else.

I've been a lot of places and in a lot of situations, too. BUT, I'M 50! At least one big new thing you can look forward to is marriage and children, which rceals a lot to you: people can drive you to apoplexy and you love them so much it hurts.

I used to email a lot to a large list I had developed through political and other connections. There would come brief periods of temporary burnout. I've been doing this blog and this campaign since early in the year, and the last few days, I finally want to sit back and take a rest. I'll keep watching, but the compulsion towrite usually returns in a few days.

Larry Perrault said...

And Michigan:

I just wanted to direct people to the other blogs that have the current campaign information, while I caught my breath. There are a lot of important things happening, but maybe my brain's a little tired. :-)

Christian said...

The problem is this is such an addiction for those of us that care. You feel burned out, but after a day or two, you can't stand not participating and just have to jump right back in.
I feel your pain!
Just imagine what Huckabee's going through though. He must be exhausted! The least I can do is type a little! :)

DR said...

Thank you for the mention and don't take too long of a break.

Larry Perrault said...


You're exactly right.

In fact, I have MS and my left hand has lost some dexterity, so that I type with the right hand and peck with the lest. But, that's been for years now, and typing isn't the issue. It's my brain that wants to rest.

But, I've been writing for about a dozen years and this happens once or twice a year. But, I'm compelled within a few days. And this isn't just the provocation of ideas. I genuinely believe that this is a unique opportunity for American society.

McCain has straitjacketed us. If he hadn't some mult0millionaires who felt like I do would have made certain that this was properly about ideas and character, and not about money. I think John McCain is a sincere man who means well. But this is just one of many examples of the fact that he is philosophically inept. As I said relative to Mccain in 2000: It's not a matter of whether I like him. I LOVED my grandfather, but I wouldn't promote him to be president. Really, as for al of the other Republican candidates,not just this year:

The nation is philosophically and dispositionally in a bad way, that needs a competent doctor. And, our candidates often seem like perhaps good carpenters applying to do brain surgery... No, thanks, I'll keep looking. That's why Huckabee is so unique: he's actually qualified for what the country needs.

Hey, D:

I'll be back at it, I wouldn't be surprised if by this weekend. My vision is not so good. Today, I didn't even put in my specialty contact lenses. Right now, I'm wearing the artist's goggles that I wore to read and write before I got them.

OneMom said...

Hi Larry -

Thanks for the mention ... zealous huh? I hope that's a good thing!

Rest your brain ... a couple days and you'll feel more refreshed. I think most of us have ups and downs in how much we cover day to day.

As a homeschooling mom of a kindergartener, it is of urgent importance that Mike Huckabee is elected President. Our society is in a precarious position right now, and I'm afraid that if we don't elect Mike, we may be headed down a path that will not bode well for my daughter's future.

Take good care of yourself.

Larry Perrault said...


Well, obviously not a zealot armed with more than information and rhetoric, but simply one who cares. You evidence that consistently and have again, here. Your posts are the usual important ne4ws and links, today.

Yes, I believe that this is a milestone opportunity for those with ostensibly high ideals about moral values and social progress, that only they will be responsible for missing if they fail to seize upon it.

Huckabee has wisely and ably put himself in a position to define and capture this process, if people will stand behind what they say they believe. I haven't "maxed out" with $2300, but I have given enough that my wife's suspicion is that I'm playing my typical Don Quixote with the family's finances. I'm confident that I'll push out one more decent donation before the Iowa caucus. But I feel so strongly about it that if I knew that 1000 other people were committed to do it, I'd drop in $1000 to add to whatever is raised this quarter. It seems to me that we just need every already existing Huckabee supporter to ask every like-minded friend to give whatever they can afford, but AT LEAST $10 and ask every like-minded friend of theirs to do the same. 100.000 ten dollar contributions would bring 10 million dollars. And, I believe a Mike Huckabee with 10 million dollars cash-on-hand going into January would simply win the nomination, besides winning millions of other supporters for the general election.

Frankly, if there aren't 100,000 ten dollar donors in this nation of hundreds of millions, the society doesn't DESERVE any better than it always gets.