Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Frank Luntz On Huckabee On Fox, and the Fred Thompson Question

Frank Luntz appeared on FOX News’ Hannity & Colmes, Wednesday night. Discussing the debate he talked of tracking responses showing very positive reaction to Giuliani and Romney, and very negative reaction to McCain, mostly regarding the immigration issue.

He then said that even though he wasn’t in the race, yet, Fred Thompson polled the highest in identification relative to approval. Then, he said that Mike Huckabee was another one that showed a very positive response at and after the debate.

Colmes asked the obvious question: “Why are Republicans so excited about Thompson, when Huckabee is already in the race?” And Luntz gave the obvious answer: essentially that Huckabee hasn’t gotten the media magnification that Fred Thompson gets. But he’s separating from the rest of the so-called second tier, relative to the media christened 4 of Thomson, Giuliani, and McCain. I heard talk-radio comment, today, that McCain is done, and I don’t think The Republican Party will nominate the “pro-choice” Giuliani. If it does, its base will rupture and hemorrhage in the general election.

So, as I have already said, I hope that media-inflated Romney and Thompson struggle with each other, McCain fades, and Giuliani can’t close the deal. And before we are a quarter through the race, it is evident that Huckabee is the only one climbing. Especially if the other 6 are falling out, Huckabee will draw more attention. Then, the Romney/Thompson media hypnotized conservatives can ask the question that Alan Colmes asked: “Hey, why not this guy. We like him and he’s still around.”

Unlike Alan Keyes, who talked over some peoples’ heads, Huckabee is engaging and positive. There are still conservatives saying that they like him, but unfortunately he doesn’t have a chance (Boy, have I heard that about candidates I supported) But, this seems to be a plausible scenario, especially with Giuliani and now McCain declining to contest the Iowa straw poll: All of those who do contest the Iowa straw poll in August, will speak to the participants a few days before the poll. The door is open for Huckabee to stroll into the room. Clearly, Huckabee could finish in the top three with Romney and Thompson. Boy, would I like to see him straight up in a contest of three or four.

Here are other media reports about Huckabee and Romney:

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Huckabee lamented Wolf Blitzer’s allocation of time in terms of both candidates and topics. He was not asked about issues like education and health care, but asked about his belief in creation. I think he did a good job of taking that question and clearly stating his belief in God’s work of creation.

You know, there is fuller material from most of the candidates available on the web, in text, audio, and video. And, I have to expect that that will be a more preferred familiarization with candidates in the near future. I hope television wanes in significance not long after McCain, Giuliani, Romney & Thompson do.

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Jim Robinson said...

During his eight years in the Senate, Thompson won his free trade credentials with his votes to extend the president's fast-track trade promotion authority and to approve permanent trading relations with China. One right-wing critic in a widely circulated internet column called Thompson a "neocon globalist" for his immigration, free trade, and foreign policy positions.
Social conservatives are also likely to question Thompson's "liberal" voting record on immigration. Although Thompson has recently written and spoken out about the need for strong border control, while in the Senate he voted to increase visas for skilled foreign workers and to increase permits for unskilled foreign farm workers. Overall, Americans for Better Immigration, an anti-immigration lobbying group, gives Thompson a career grade of C for his mixed voting record. Thompson will likely come under withering criticism from anti-immigrant candidate Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO), who mixes his social conservatism with a heavy dose of nationalism and anti-corporate populism.