Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Huckabee On Hardball - Hard-headed Journalists

I watched the Hardball video on the web. WATCH VIDEO It cut off, but I found the rest of the interview at the Hardball website. As usual, Chris Matthews was boorish, telling the guest and the viewers what he believes the guest thinks, before the guest can finish an answer.

The "against science" business is ignorant nonsense. If we see God as the creator, we should see science, the examination of nature, as exploration of his work. Belief in the God of The Bible does not conflict with exploration of his creation with the empirical tools that God has given us.

The problem is that some people of an a priori naturalist disposition have conflated naturalist conjecture with science. The conclusion that all of life descended from an arbitrary appearance of a microbiological life form is not an empirical observation (not science). It is the conjecture of a process that would in principle (though not in fact, obviously) be empirically testable, if it were true. As conjecture, it is not science, but philosophy. Philosophy should not be dictated in the science classes of local communities by distant governmental compulsion.

Mike Huckabee gave an appropriate truthful response: If empirical experience is the standard, none of us were there to know by that standard. Beliefs are just that: beliefs.

It was amusing that Matthews included human-produced, CO2-caused climate change as another example of "science." If evolution and C02 caused global-warming are both science, how can professional scientists disbelieve in both? Science is what emprical experience dictates, not what ill-informed popular media organs repeat. The problem with presidential campaigns is that candidates have to engage discussions of poorly conceived questions with ignorant (not stupid; ignorant) journalists.

Larry Perrault




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