Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How Huckabee "Has A Chance"

I've been away for a few days. Today, I read the report at on the Mike Huckabee blogger conference call. The writer was very positive. But, the responding comments were typical…and exasperatingly old. I’ve seen the same thing for my entire life. Either, “He has no chance…What’s the point” or “You’re probably right, but I’ll support him for the primaries, anyway.”

12 years ago, newly online on the then-young Internet, I imagined a day when this alternative media would end the mass mind-control of the traditional media. Now, the facilities are all there: we can communicate text, graphics, audio and video. We can learn more of candidates than we once could have imagined. There would not have even been the positive thoughts in places like Lonestar Times, 12 or more years ago.

But, old habits die hard. We still allow traditional media to define our outlook and our social potential. For God’s sake, STOP IT! I posted this response at Lonestar Times, and I’ll post all of this at my blog,


PLEASE LISTEN UP, ALL POP-CULTURE-MARINATED PESSIMISTS! Think about what you are doing: I've been watching this nonsense for MANY years. Conservatives, who supposedly don't trust the so-called "mainstream media” (they are really non-mainstream, their thoughts representing a minority of the public), nevertheless allow this element to determine who "has a chance," etc.

Why does Fred Thomson have a chance? Because they say so. You are told that the media only reports public sentiment, but they shape public sentiment before they report it. AND WE BUY IT!

But, the public shouldn't speculate on who has a chance, as though it were a horse race or roll of the dice. The public DETERMINES who has a chance. Mike Huckabee doesn't need a pass from the media. He WILL win, if he gets the most votes of people who have free will. Moving people isn't the job of the media. It's OUR JOB! THINKING OTHERWISE IS NOT MERELY MISGUIDED. IT'S PATHETIC!

I'm on board. The only permission I need is God's.

Larry Perrault

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