Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Some Blog Comments On Huckabee At Debate

Official campaign site lists several blog comments: declares Huckabee the winner and post video of response to creation question:

Look at this video of comment on a local television station in nearby Maine, only a few miles from Manchester. Very positive comments on former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thomson (who, by the way, identified himself in the debate as the real experienced “Thompson” – he really is way more innovative and experienced in government than Fred, whose major qualification is television and film face time) and Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee. Post Debate Analysis: Who Won?

By the way, Rudy Giuliani won't compete at the August Ames, Iowa Straw Poll. He obviously hopes to carry his media profile through Iowa and do well enough in NH to still look strong in FL Jan. 29, and the big, over 1/3rd national primary day on Feb 5. Though he says he's still playing for the Iowa caucuses, his bag is not a great Iowa fit, and Iowa activist Republicans will be unimpressed by his snub of their straw poll. It looks like Huckabee and Thompson move up a notch for that straw poll.


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