Monday, June 18, 2007

Illinoisans For RomneyPost Clear Questions About Fred Thompson

Illinoisans For Mitt Romney posted a long assessment of Fred Thompson’s “conservatism.” Re: Fred Thompson is shameless It’s not positive, needless to say.

Now, it’s possible that Romney is entirely genuine about all of his seemingly timely position changes, though I’m not at all convinced, at this point. Mike Huckabee is a candidate whose thoughts flow from a longstanding clear and consistent philosophical perspective. Even if Romney were serious, so many stark…errr…adjustments don’t typically occur within a lucid worldview. I have already said that Romney’s explanation of his abortion shift due to his contemplation of stem-cell research, which implies that the idea of farming humans to kill them was “going too far,” but aborting babies at any point of gestation had never provoked such revulsion, doesn’t make sense to me. Especially given his relative plethora of changes, political convenience in a campaign shift from Massachusetts governor to Republican presidential primaries, is a superior explanation to me.

But as for Thompson, it’s always nice to have someone else’s people do your work for you.

Larry Perrault

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