Friday, June 15, 2007

George Will Bats Fred Thompson Balloon

I have said that I would never support Fred Thompson for the nomination or for president if he won the nomination. George Will cites the same consideration in reaction to the assertion that Thompson is “a conservative.”

Thompson supported McCain in 2000, and advocated and voted for McCain-Feingold “Campaign Finance Reform.” He and McCain argue that they wanted to go after the influence of big, especially “soft” money. And, they may have. But, you don’t prescribe poison to cure an illness. Besides, at least
that would stop the cold. McCain-Feingold has not perceptibly dented the influence of money, even while straight out steamrolling the First Amendment. The worst part of it is the residual precedent of conceding the power of government to regulate such things which power we can expect to be easily abused, later. I especially hate it when Republicans lay the foundation for liberals to construct atrocities upon, later.

Anyone care to guess what presumptions a (maybe near) future Democratic government will now totally incautiously impose upon politically organizing conservatives? McCain and/or Thompson may have had perfectly good intentions, and I expect they did. But, that is why proper procedure follows sure principles, not hasty feelings. None of this is personal against anyone. I just won’t support a constitutional incompetent as the chief executive defender of The Constitution. It would be like employing my loving mother to perform my brain surgery.

Will also discusses the relative emptiness around which (clueless) media have anointed Thompson a “conservative” savior, and overall imagines the bursting of a “bubble” of poorly founded hopes and imaginings. Incidentally, I myself believe that abortion should be regulated by states and localities. Where I live, I would vote for it to be illegal and practicing doctors punishable. But, for your information, Thompson is historically, not as clear on this issue as most pro-lifers would like. Look it up.

Anyway, McCain and Thompson and unborn, 2nd Amendment, and family-disrespecting Giuliani are right out. And Romney has too many near 180 degree turnabouts in different races in different places. Who’s next? What about this guy, Huckabee?

Larry Perrault

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